Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Vittadhum pidichadhum

After quite a long gap, I caught up with some recent episodes(conservative moms vs new-age moms) of Neeya, naana. It was a 2 part episode with part 1 dealing with cooking(Amma cooking Vs wife cooking), romance(Ennanga vs poda porukki!)etc while the second part was about the tug-of-war between the old and new style of parenting. Parenting is tough and for the present generation parents there is the Eastern-western conflict! The true aadha I am, I was siding with some points this side and some points that side! It was surprising when Gopinath concluded with reference to some Irish research which states parents/moms acting as an extended hand(as against letting the kids be independant) until atleast their children are 12/13 yrs of age as "the best parenting"!!!

I had been looking forward to Parthiban & his daughter Keerthana's episode in Coffee with Anu but missed it when it was shown here. So, I went hunting for the episode online and clicked on the date I had missed the show. Anu started talking about her guests' father-daughter relationship and in came Sarathkumar! It was around the time that Sarath-Radhika were all teary eyed about Jaggubai's unofficial release on the net/VCDs before its official release and for a minute I forgot that the programmes of Vijai TV shown here are a week behind and thought "ada paavigala, TV programmes kooda early release on the net-a"!

Too much to catch up with(moochu vaangudhu!!) in movies, music, books, blogs...!! Had I been a cell user in India, "iktara" would've been my ringtone. Vat a song!! With Kollywood (Annathey manichukonga!) all gone very serious and scary and sentimental(Pre "Tamil padam"), I had to knock bollywood for some timepass(read romantic comedies) movies and ended up watching "Wake up Sid", "Jaane tu ya jaane na" etc. Any timepass movie suggestions? Nambikkai natchathirangala(Kadhal Bharath, Dishyum Jeeva), ippadi thadam maari poreengaley da!!

One scientific flaw per film please!- Yaarukkavadhu kaadhula vizhugudha?