Friday, July 27, 2012

Oru Pada Paadal - Kovil Pura

On the amazing Amazon found this. I have not seen the picturisation of many 70s, 80s Tamil film songs. Now with Youtube zeeboombaa, that wish gets fulfilled! That's the story behind today's oru pada paadal** - Kovil Pura. Not sure if these are the only 3 songs in the film but all honey! May be this was IR's trial run before "Kaadhal Oviyam". 

Vedam nee


Amudhey tamizhey

**In the 80s, during the D(oor)D(arshan)only days, in the weekends, after "desiya nigazhchigal" takes over it was time for Vivid Bharathi station on the radio. After a thodar drama, there will either be audio trailers of new movies or oru pada paadal(all songs from one movie will be played). The radio will remain on or switched off depending on the movie announced!