Thursday, April 09, 2015

Andrum Indrum

If you grew up in Chennai in the 80s-90s, 'Indru oru thagaval' would have been part of your daily routine. That simple faceless(at that time and is that the horriblest translation of "Mugam theriya"?) person with his simple humour and powerful messages day in and day out! Sharing this youtube gem, as usual!

Recently watched the trailer of Maniratnam's 'OK Kanmani'. Maniratnam trying an indha kalathu "Mauna raagam"? Even Nithya Menon seemed to resemble Revathi, ille? Anyway, that reminded me to watch this Revathi and Prithviraj malayalam movie, "Molly aunty rocks". Revathi Chechi still rocks!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Big and small screen

Manju Wariar's comeback film in Malayalam touched a chord or 2 in me! Though started off in the same lines as "English Vinglish", the daughter's refusal to reveal the question, the first meeting with the President of India(played by Siddartha Basu!!), the slow but believable recovery with the support of good friend and the much needed highlighting of pesticide and chemical laden produce, all neatly done!! Hats off to the director!!

Beautiful song sung by Shreya Ghosal

While still on the movie subject and even though very late, felt amazed, bewildered, confused, dazed, exhilarated, fascinated (and innum pala pala solla neram illadha!) after watching Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar"! For a while, for any outrageous requests my answer was 'worm hole vazhiya poi black hole vazhiya veliya vandha..."! Ada, namma mythological brahma lokam's 1 day equals 1 earth year is sci-fi-ya!!

What to say about PK? Paarkey, rasikkey and sindhikkey! Had gone to the movie with low expectations(I consider Hirani bollywood's KSR!) but came out thoroughly entertained! Total Dhamake! Drishtikku Anushka!!

After "Friends" and "Everybody loves Raymond" ended, my live TV watching also ended. After many years revived TV watching with 'The Big bang theory'. Who wouldn't love Sheldon! Right next on my favourites list is an old TV show 'Psych'. The best part is this is one show that I can watch with A1!

Friday, January 02, 2015

FM - KB Tribute


Kamban yemandhaan - Nizhal Nijamagirathu

Kana Kaanum - Agni Satchi


Punjai undu  - Unnal Mudiyum Thambi

Kannin maniye - Manathil urudhi vendum


Siragillai - Vaaname Ellai

Azhaithaal - Jathi malli


Mettu podu - Duet

Anbe sugama - Paarthale Paravasam

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


My hometown, then called Madras, was a seedha-saadha yet another metro city of India until I lived there. Ippo, already hot, hot Chennai is orey the super mega hot Chennaiii-thaan featuring in one of the top 10 cities to visit in 2015! Nowadays I introduce myself as from the land of the Chennai super kings(Dhoni tweeting in Tamil!!) to non-Tamils and some Pakis even surprised me that they knew Chennai because of Chennai Express!!

Spent the summer vacation visiting a lot of places in India this time experiencing almost all kinds of weather - sweltering heat, monsoon, cool and chilly. Traffic, crowd and an upcoming metro rail is the common factor in all cities. The highlight of the trip was celebrating anniversary, birthday, rakhi and friendship day with kith and kin!

More malls and multi storied chains stores in Chennai now but our traditional trip to Landmark book store was a big flop. First got disappointed to find the Nungambakkam branch closed and the branches in Spencer plaza and City central malls had hardly any collection. Surprisingly the Kotturpuram library has been well maintained facility-wise though next time I should consider volunteering at the children's department to organize the books.

Lulu Mall
God's own counrty's newest attraction Lulu mall is so fantastic that A2 commented "I don't know if I am in India or US, Amma!" Fresh and extra green from all the monsoon rains, the scenery of Kerala from a moving train is awesome-o-awesome! Namooru Bengaluru's Cantonment station poratti pottu-fied me this time. Missed a train(did not know that that train won't stop there!), sat waiting 20 mins in a train that was supposed to stop only 2 mins there unable to get down since the pick up person was waiting at the next station!

Mysore Palace

Brindavan Gardens
Musical fountains
And as always tried to eat as much good food as I could to sustain until the next trip. Cream center in Chennai got our vote as it satisfied both the kids and grown ups. Lakshmi Shankar Mess in Coimbatore with its local and organic food scored big. Didn't have enough energy or enthu' or room to try out all that at Eat street in Bangalore, After all that extravagant food, back home, the cereal boxes mocked at me, 'hehe... welcome back!" :-(

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Super, super, super!!

Chennai super local kings!

Super sweet, cute song and movie!!

A very long, old but super interesting video...

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Out of the world!

Namaste Mars! Ready for Tea & Samosa / Idli & coffee? Proud mom-ent for ISRO!!

Staff from the Indian Space Research Organisation celebrate after the Mangalyaan probe's entry into orbit around Mars - 24 September 2014

Modi is in Madison square, Mangalyaan is in Mars orbit... orey the feelings of India dhaan!!

On a related note, there is this super one way ticket to Mars offer and a few have already jumped into the bandwagon!

Seri adhellaam irukkattum, what is this Multiverse  theory, huh? I am already dizzy hitchhiking my way in the galaxy with Douglas Adam's Guide!

Friday, September 05, 2014

Friday Melody

Anandha yaazhai - Thanga meengal

Just when I started to think Yuvan has lost his touch!

Manasula Soora Kaathey - Cuckoo

Nice melody!

Pakkadha pakkadha - Varuthapadatha valibar sangam

Such a cute romantic song!! Has become a bayangara fan of Sivakarthikeyan!!

Ayayayo anantham - Kumki

Haricharan, IMO, he is the South Indian's Sonu Nigam!! Super songs, lovely cast (Vikram Prabhu is so promising and Lakshmi Menon so expressive!)