Sunday, June 27, 2010

Big Show(s)

Atlast the purpose of getting Vijay TV got served! After indha round andha round-nnu round round-a suthi Super singer Junior got selected!! Alka Ajith deserved to be the winner but seemed like the kids(& the viewers) were drained to the last bit! Shravan, Priyanka and Srinisha were my other favourites! It is amazing to see such talent and zero stage fright in today's kids!

Once upon a time, these once-in-a-blue-moon shows were exciting and interesting. But these days, there seems to be one almost everyday(and is Karthi, the official representative for these Vijay TV functions from the Sivakumar family?). I am glad I can forward, skip, personalise and finish it in 1/2 or 1 hr!

May be I am old fashioned, but seems to me that these Orey the celebrity treatment, grand finale(y) thingy( and I thought the 9PM timing was not suitable for juniors!), beg for votes are a little too much for kiddies? The juniors, suttigals were all nice in the beginning. But now with the kids acting(or trained to?) like adhigaprasangis and with jodi no. 1 juniors, please let kids-b-kids!!


Ok, Vijay awards - check!
Though orey Deja vu! Adhey aattam, pattam, Gopinath(Vijay TV can soon change its name to Gopijay TV!), Kamal, Surya(are they introducing new categories just for Surya?), Sasikumar and Co. But I am not complaining!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Health nut case

I often wonder how & when did this health freaky, green hippy avatar of mine started! Because I was, once upon a time, a normal, regular, veggie-hating, kothavarangai skinny picky eater like most! I was never the foodie in my childhood days, embarrassed my parents everywhere with my very short list of favourite foods(my mom reminds me of this whenever I complain about my kids!). But my mother was never the fretter like me and never let criticisms from others about her kids' poor eating habits bother her too much. She always used to say"ellaam perisaana saapda kathupaanga"!

Learning to enjoy cooking lead to experimenting with varieties. And pregnancy made me a responsible eater. Once given a teeny-tiny chance to these 'counting calories', 'nutrition labels', 'balanced diet' thingies, they cling onto you like leeches for life! "You got to set an example" dangles like Yamadharmarajan's kaththi everytime I eye an extra treat or think of indulging! Right when I am fighting for 50% reservation for the brownies(flour, sugar, rice) at the dinner table, food bloggers are far ahead in their exploration and supremacy over grains like oats and quinoa(to learn to rightly pronounce it is an achievement!) and barley and... Oh, I can't keep up!!

Provision store experiences mostly like this one(from 5.05-6.30), shopping at departmental stores (Kamadenu supermarket, Vitan, Nilgiris) used to be a big bandha. Inge supermarket experience kekkave venaam! But after "Food Inc", its only the ugly, dirty side that is visible through the neat, packed isles. Co-incidentaly there was an episode on Vijay TV's "Neeya Naana" about farming, natural organic vs technology assisted. Everywhere its the farmer who has become the pawn! So, inimey head to the local farmer's market sacrificing Saturday morning sleep-dhaan.

So, for now only veganism is left and with articles like these, I am considering if I should try something like dairy free duesdays/dhursdays (like meat free mondays) and Aththaan is seriously considering cutting off ... no, not dairy, but home internet connection!!