Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sidney Poitier

In celebration of African-American History Month, our library has featured Sidney Poitier's autobiography, The measure of a man. I am yet to pick up the book but that inspired me to list down a few of my favourite movies of his.

To Sir with love - This was the first Poitier movie that I watched. The story is about a black teacher taking up or rather forced to take up the challenge of teaching unruly, difficult slum children and making a difference in their lives. The book in itself is a touching story and with Poitier's performance, it is among the few movies which does justice to the original novel.

Guess who's coming to Dinner - One of the few movies which boasts of big star names, big expectations and still manage to live upto the hype. The story is about a white girl bringing her black boy friend to meet her parents. How ever rational and open minded we think we are, the real test is when we have to deal with it in reality. With Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn and Sidney Poitier, it is a feast for movie buffs!

In the heat of the night - Another powerful movie dealing with racism. Rod Steiger as the southern officer comes up with a superb performance and won the best Actor Oscar, understandably! Poitier as the black Northy Senior officer, even though senior, having to put on extra efforts to prove himself and his work!

P.S. - Poitier, Gere are some names I avoided uttering (for a long time) for the fear of being ridiculed by mispronouncing them!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Friday, February 23, 2007

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I have always been(so far!) lucky to be surrounded by like-minded people. Like-minded in the sense that if I grumbled about things, they would join in too(like if I started 'my college principal is so bad' good friends would say, 'oh, mine is worsht' or to my 'oora idhu' my great friends would go 'aiye! padu mattam') and all was well! But a recent acquaintance turned up to be this (over?)confident/ positive(all the time) person! For all my complaints she offered some positive perspective with a regular bonus of how lucky and great things have been for her making me bury my head in shame.

This kind of attitude was puzzlling to me as I have always been surrounded by epitomes of 'அடக்கம்(modesty)'. Even if a person was confident of scoring 100% in the exam, he/she was a good soul only if he/she said "ஏதோ எழுதியிருக்கேன்'(edho ezhudhi irukken)"! Even in movies if the Hero runs 'ஆத்தா, நா pass ஆயிட்டேன்' then that means 'ஆத்தா' role is over!! Yes, the use of superlative adjectives by the locals for even simple deeds surprised me in the beginning.

Then, recently I found out that my 'half-full' friend cleverly & conveniently covers up bad patches and just brags about things. Though the idea of being positive, encouraging others seems nice, her dishonesty now makes me doubt her every word. Also, the attitude of patting one's own back for their good luck when talking about other's misfortune irks me. Oh, how I miss you fellow brooders!!!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

FM - 'Taj mahal'!!

Taj mahal oviya kaadhal - Kalvanin Kaadhali

Taj mahal thevaillai - Amaravathi

Taj mahal onru - Kannodu Kaanbadhellaam

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Round About!

Age of Innocence - Been wanting to read this Edith Wharton novel for quite a long time. Got to read it only now. Might have been a bold story in its time. As always I so wanted to watch the screen version as soon as I finished reading the book. But somehow Daniel Day Lewis and Michelle Pfeiffer as Newland Archer and Countess Olenska respectively don't quite match the Archer and Olenska of my imagination. Anybody know of any other television series and/or older screen versions?

Somehow the story kept reminding me of Prince Charles' life. What difference a few centuries make!! When Charles and Camilla got married I couldn't help wonder at how their love triumphed after 30 years (despite all the tragedies in between)! True love, huh?

Anyway, happy Valentine's Day! Specially to the newbies,


For the oldies, mommies and crybabies, enjoy this!!

Friday, February 09, 2007

FM - "நீ"

"நீ ஒரு காதல்" - நாயகன்

"நீ பாதி" - கேளடி கண்மணி

"நீ காற்று" - நிலாவே வா

"நீ பௌர்ணமி" - ஒருவர் வாழும் ஆலயம்

"நீயில்லாத" - தெய்வத்தின் தெய்வம்

"நீ ஒன்று" - உன்னால் முடியும் தம்பி

Monday, February 05, 2007


When you have shown total disapproval to a person about their decision, they still go ahead with it and even still have the audacity to get help from you to accomplish it!!!

A child at a store started whining about wanting a toy which grew into a full fledged tandrum and the mother was calmly ignoring the screams. The child's cries were tugging at my heart. But had I been in that mom's shoes, my expression of 'ellum kollum' exploding would be hard to hide!

Friday, February 02, 2007

FM - "மலர் - I"

"மலரே பேசு" - கீதாஞ்சலி

"மலரே மௌனமா" - கர்ணா

"மலரே குறிஞ்சி மலரே" - Dr. சிவா

"மலருக்கு தென்றல்" - எங்க வீட்டு பிள்ளை

"மலர்ந்தும் மலராத" - பாச மலர்