Friday, February 09, 2007

FM - "நீ"

"நீ ஒரு காதல்" - நாயகன்

"நீ பாதி" - கேளடி கண்மணி

"நீ காற்று" - நிலாவே வா

"நீ பௌர்ணமி" - ஒருவர் வாழும் ஆலயம்

"நீயில்லாத" - தெய்வத்தின் தெய்வம்

"நீ ஒன்று" - உன்னால் முடியும் தம்பி


Munimma said...

so many many songs starting with nee
nee varavendum enru (raja?)
nee thaane enthan ..
neethaana neethaana

I remember a college cultural to-do with a kadi competition, this guy sang nee 1 kaathal..., nee 2 kaathal and so on. Painful and I can't help thinking about that everytime this song comes up. sigh, used to be a favorite song, with my favorite actor...

SKM said...

நீயும் நானுமா--Govravam (gov tamil la yeppdi type panna nu theriyala.)
நீஎன்ன சொன்னாலும்--நேற்று இன்று நாளை

MeToo,Take care and getwell soon.

Deepa said...

Munimma is right, there are too many nee songs.

Syam said...

நீ காற்று song vandhappo athula first 4 lines naan kavithai eluthinenu oru poonu kitta solli...naalu naal nalla pochu until she hears that song...appuram seruppu thaan.. :-)

Me said...

y get well soon...enna aachi metoo?

ttm said...

Famous 5 theme song

Raju said...

All the first four songs have been memorable to me for various reasons.. As others have mentioned, one other 'Nee' song I liked of late was 'Nee en vizhiyil' from Dass..

Among the listed, 'Nee paadhi' is my favorite.

Me too said...

munimma, otherthan 'needhaana' didn't recognise any!

skm, thanks.

deepa, why didn't you list your favourites?

syam, ella song-ukkum oru history vechirukkeengale!!

me, usual Winter (E)NT spl. dhaan!

ttm, thanks. Inspired by your digging, I too went looking for this
and found! Vaazhga!

raju, I hadn't heard that song from Dass before.

ttm said...

me too,
now i remember Shoestrings..prob Tuesdays 740pm, too young to watch then.

Lot more here:

For the first time in my life, understood the Fraggle rock(sponsored by Kissan) theme song after reading the lyrics :)

Me too said...

ttm, wow! But except Danger Bay(how did I forget that!), Spiderman, Fraggle rock and ofcourse Mahabharath, I don't think I've watched any other in that list!!!

ttm said...

the rest were good comedies in *+

Awatts said...

Nee oru kadhal - masterpiece..nee pournami - carnatic classic
nee thaan en desiya geetham..super paatu...but as u said..nee wordla romba songs irukku...