Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sidney Poitier

In celebration of African-American History Month, our library has featured Sidney Poitier's autobiography, The measure of a man. I am yet to pick up the book but that inspired me to list down a few of my favourite movies of his.

To Sir with love - This was the first Poitier movie that I watched. The story is about a black teacher taking up or rather forced to take up the challenge of teaching unruly, difficult slum children and making a difference in their lives. The book in itself is a touching story and with Poitier's performance, it is among the few movies which does justice to the original novel.

Guess who's coming to Dinner - One of the few movies which boasts of big star names, big expectations and still manage to live upto the hype. The story is about a white girl bringing her black boy friend to meet her parents. How ever rational and open minded we think we are, the real test is when we have to deal with it in reality. With Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn and Sidney Poitier, it is a feast for movie buffs!

In the heat of the night - Another powerful movie dealing with racism. Rod Steiger as the southern officer comes up with a superb performance and won the best Actor Oscar, understandably! Poitier as the black Northy Senior officer, even though senior, having to put on extra efforts to prove himself and his work!

P.S. - Poitier, Gere are some names I avoided uttering (for a long time) for the fear of being ridiculed by mispronouncing them!


Syam said...

indha movies paarka time illanaalum...ipdi ellam movies irukunu therinjukiten :-)

Me too said...

syam, nayan, nami-kku poga edhu time!! ;)

Deepa said...

How come Gere is stll handsome! He could've been Robert Langdone. I still long...;-)

I said...

adada, deepa, nee andha robert langdone-a uda maataye..

and idhu enna, african american history month..

ttm said...

Poitier is pron. 'pvathiye' reminds me of Gautier furniture outlet in India, each piece costing a fortune. I used to hate Gautier, Tupperware and Amway the most, 'turn them out, knaves all three'.

Me too said...

deepa, was Gere considered for the part of Langdon or was it popular choice?

i, adhu theriyaadha? Naa indha maadhiri post podathaan!!

ttm, Gautier-a? Never heard of it before. Me too allergic to the other 2!