Friday, February 27, 2015

Big and small screen

Manju Wariar's comeback film in Malayalam touched a chord or 2 in me! Though started off in the same lines as "English Vinglish", the daughter's refusal to reveal the question, the first meeting with the President of India(played by Siddartha Basu!!), the slow but believable recovery with the support of good friend and the much needed highlighting of pesticide and chemical laden produce, all neatly done!! Hats off to the director!!

Beautiful song sung by Shreya Ghosal

While still on the movie subject and even though very late, felt amazed, bewildered, confused, dazed, exhilarated, fascinated (and innum pala pala solla neram illadha!) after watching Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar"! For a while, for any outrageous requests my answer was 'worm hole vazhiya poi black hole vazhiya veliya vandha..."! Ada, namma mythological brahma lokam's 1 day equals 1 earth year is sci-fi-ya!!

What to say about PK? Paarkey, rasikkey and sindhikkey! Had gone to the movie with low expectations(I consider Hirani bollywood's KSR!) but came out thoroughly entertained! Total Dhamake! Drishtikku Anushka!!

After "Friends" and "Everybody loves Raymond" ended, my live TV watching also ended. After many years revived TV watching with 'The Big bang theory'. Who wouldn't love Sheldon! Right next on my favourites list is an old TV show 'Psych'. The best part is this is one show that I can watch with A1!