Thursday, January 19, 2012


On a perfectly ordinary, uneventful day sometimes a teeny tiny insignificant incident happens and ruins the entire day! These nags are nothing serious but yet sits in the back of the mind and rolls to the front of the mind now and then bringing that same sinking feeling that was felt at the time of the incident!

During the Christmas party at A1's school, there was this great(or so I thought!) activity called book exchange. Each kid brought a wrapped book and the class played a game by passing the book right and/or left based on a poem. At the end of the game each child was left with a wrapped book present. All was wonderful until that point. Since each kid's reading level is different, most kids were disappointed with whatever they got. Such a wonderful idea flopping left me upset the rest of the day!

T is A2's best friend in school. She talks about her all the time. Once I met T's mom and during the conversation, my mind went blank and I couldn't recall the name, T! I tried my best to substitute "your daughter" whenever possible but at one point I had to say the name and I just paused and the lady had to fill in the name! And here I was telling how much A2 keeps talking about her daughter!!!

Of the many botherations as a grown-up, the formal, customary chats one has make with some unwanted parties is another big prick. One such sweet talking hypocrite who is ever ready with her "vazhapazhathula oosi" talk wrecks my day almost always! When there are so many kind hearted, genuinely affectionate souls, why-o-why do I have to deal with such creatures!!!