Monday, April 18, 2011

A good friend called after a very long time. As soon as I answered, she seemed bewildered! She had called me by mistake! Though she talked a while having called, I felt so bad that she hadn't meant to call me, that she has time to call others, that she has other friends now. Though all that applies to me too, it just bothered me the rest of the day. But lately, this kind of mistaken calls and mails are happening too often. Someone left a message on our answering machine who I couldn't recall for a long time. After much racking of brain, I remembered the acquaintance and called back only to find out she had called the wrong no. Another time, a mom of some old classmate of A1's sent me a menu list for a party. Only she had included my mail id by mistake! Suddenly my name seems too common. And in my childhood I was so angry with my parents for giving me such an uncommon name that there was not one store named after me! And is there a chat etiquette? Some people send a "hi" and then disappear. With all the latest mistaken identities, I wonder if they pinged the wrong person!

Till preschool, the parents had the choice to make playdate plans. After entering elementary school, the kids are making plans themselves! Initially, whether the playdate was in our home or not, I called the parent to confirm and verify. But it was always me who was making the calls. Either they seem disinterested or just want to drop off the kid! In a latest incident, I didn't make the call and we found out at the last minute that they didn't even have our address or phone no.!

The news about playback singer Chitra's daughter's accidental death is heart wrenching!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Happy ending, atlast!!!

You D(honi & co) id it, guys!! Cricket World cup champions, after almost 3 decades!! All the entertaining-the-crowd job at home was worth it! When Kapil & co won the world cup I was around the same age as A1 is now and A1 is as puzzled as I was about why and what is/was making all the grown-ups go so crazy!

P.S. - Ellaam seri dhaan, this over generosity of the state governments to shower the players with so much incentives is too much!