Sunday, April 03, 2011

Happy ending, atlast!!!

You D(honi & co) id it, guys!! Cricket World cup champions, after almost 3 decades!! All the entertaining-the-crowd job at home was worth it! When Kapil & co won the world cup I was around the same age as A1 is now and A1 is as puzzled as I was about why and what is/was making all the grown-ups go so crazy!

P.S. - Ellaam seri dhaan, this over generosity of the state governments to shower the players with so much incentives is too much!


Me said...

...appa oru vazhiya win pannitaanga...whenever UNoHu shouts and claps Hobbes shouts..claps..jumps & dances :))

Me too said...

Oh, cho chweet!! You can go around saying that the Indian team won because of Hobbes cheers!