Saturday, October 16, 2010


Wacky has been our weather lately! After scorching-o-scorching summer, last week it felt like we went directly to winter, especially the mornings! The day was starting cold and it felt like we needed the heating on. Then through the day it was becoming cool to pleasant to slightly sticky in the evening that it felt like we needed to turn on the fan!

Weird are the school preachings about good nutrition. After all the talking the talk about the food pyramids and healthy eating and stuff, they burst into parties like Indian movies do with songs - no reason or rhyme! As if they needed more excuse to have treats, 'the student of the week' shares a treat with the class every Friday. There was one such Friday when on top that, 2 other students celebrated their birthdays on the very same day and so A1 came home devouring cakes and cookies and ice creams. Mudiyaleenga!!

Wild are R(gh)ajini fans after Endirun-o-run!! Oops, they did it again!! Even though I am in truce with the edhir-katchi especially after this, it irks why Annathey turned it down and hangs around with KSR!! The greatest success for Rajini is not the box-office success but his ghajini attempt succeeding in roping Ms (forever for Indians) World for his film! Penance in Himalayas does have effect!!

Wasted are Vikram's efforts movie after movie! After getting so much mixed responses to Ravan(an), I decided on the Tamil version just for the sake of Vikram. I realised later that all the people who liked the movie had seen the Hindi version! Incidentally, I unearthed "Kadhal Pagadai" on the internet and finished watching it in record one week! Roughly the theme is same and it felt the serial scored much better!