Thursday, October 27, 2011

Latest favourite melodies

1. (Telugu) Sri Rama Rajyam - Jagadananda

After a long, long time, Ilayaraja & SPB combination! If not for the millenium addition, Shreya Goshal, the song would've been like the IR's golden 80s!! Lovely, lovely song!

2. (Malayalam) Mizhirendilum - Aalilathaliyumai

This Jayachandran gem from the youtube treasure box! Trying my best to learn the tongue twister lyrics! For kannazhagi Kavya(who features in the movie picturisation), I need to do a separate post!

3. (Hindi) Tashan - Falak tak

Aaahh... forgotten how wonderful a singer Udit Narayan is since listening to his tamil songs! Paarka dhaan sagikaley!!

4. (Tamil) Ko - Ennamo Yedho

Still stuck on this song in Tamil.

Any other new/old (listenable) songs out there?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vadai monster!

Unhealthy was the excuse I used to conveniently escape(most of the time) from making fried foods at home. Also, the left over deep fried oil that I hate to reuse/discard is another bother. And most of all, the perfection that is required for South Indian fried foods like the puffed up poori, crispy pakoda or the vadai with that hole in the center!

Anyway, one day after a stressful vadai episode, I happened to land here which built up my hopes that some day I will get that perfect shaped Vadai. My online quest for a donut maker led me to this(the lazy and stingy metoo!)! And all this resulted in these Vada alphabets!

Reviewers pointed out that the batter needed to be thinner. After years of caution to use less water to make vada batter, I was scared to make it thinner. But it made a fun eat for kids choosing their favourite alphabet/shape!