Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


With cooler weather comes all kinds of fevers - viral, black friday and this year's added special, Sachin retirement fever!

Black friday craze is getting crazier by each passing year. Last year it was slightly promoted to late Thursday and this year the online version started from the start of the Thanksgiving week! Each and every year one or two items will go in my temptation list but by the time I consider and reconsider the item/time everything will pass!

Appappa! Even Sachin wouldn't have imagined this kind of a mega retirement party! Or else he would've decided to retire sooner! ;) Even after the official announcement when the last few matches were referred as his last match in Eden gardens, last match in Wankede I thought he would go around the world playing last Oval test, last Lords test etc. Wonder how his family is going to entertain him now?

Before I got the chance to recommend/suggest books to A1, she has already understood my taste in books and suggests good reads for me from her list! Though it surprised me a little I realised that I neither had access to as many books as her nor were they as many age appropriate books when I was her age. "Out of my mind" by Sharon Draper was one of them and it was moving story of a 10 year old girl with cerebral palsy. Powerful writing, real characters you can identify with woven in an emotional story! For a lighter read, I enjoyed "Eight keys" by Suzanne Lafleur,

Yaar Bharathi - A recent gem I found in youtube mine and on time for the birth anniversary of Bharathiyaar!
Like TTM mentioned in his last comment, youtube has become a video akshayapaatiram! S V Sekhar dramas are going in repeat mode. Haven't found that many Crazy Mohan dramas in there. Another latest favorite is Tamil 70s hits! Most not park-able but honey to the ears! This week I am watching Suhasini's Penn serial!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Caught in the (inter)net!

Earth life "may have come from Mars" - Ada, didn't I have a similar thought process sometime back?!! The mystery of life on earth is getting mysterious by the day, year, decade, century! For a change, while churning youtube, the recommendations spit out some interesting videos. So, loosely tying the knots, the pushpaka vimanas must've transported people onto earth! My earthling theory is getting super exciting, illey? ;-)

Fiat - premier padmini black and yellow taxis will be off the roads of Mumbai because of a government ban of vehicles older than 20 years-aamey! It kindled(got to use ipad, kindle etc. appappo nowadays) some old memories and took me down memory lane. For the 80s Madras-wasis, an occational auto trip was a luxury! In the then Bombay, autos were only allowed from Chembur and beyond. So, a taxi ride was sure from Dadar railway station after a long distance train ride(double damaka)! I used to envy those lucky kids who came to school in taxi after missing the school bus! But the most attoozhyam by parent folks were to take a taxi after buying vegetables at wholesale vegetable market!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Light refreshments!

IPL started with the usual pompousness and had a rather anti-climax! Inspite of my efforts, I just got sucked into the IPL quicksand! With every household suffering hours of power cut in TN and through out India(and some getting to enjoy it for the first time!), cricketers and spectators sweating it out in flood light matches, ennatha solla? Whatever the significance of 108, 1008, almost all TV shows, music competitions, cricket matches in India have that many rounds to reach a semi-final round! Good summer vacation entertainer for the kids!

"Ennach..." everytime reminds me of Vijay Sethupathi's dialogue in "Naduvule konjam pakkatha kaanom" whenever I start to say it now! Really? It is based on real life incident? Unbelievable!! A little dragging but a nice entertainer! Kudos to the NKPK team for believing in their script(Enna theiriyum oru song kooda sorugaamey!)! The climax was fantastic! Another entry in my light entertainer category is "Marina", especially the Sivakarthikeyan comedy scenes! ROTFL in that birthday gift scene!!

Watched the annual Vijay awards. Annathey Kamal has become their aasthana Chief guest! Chevaliar Sivaji award for SRK, really? Varalakshmi Sarathkumar for debut female actor, really? Google, google best song, really? But the nomination list for best debut director, director, screenplay showed a real tough competition and reflected the healthy trend in Tamil cinema now! With Gopinath(paavam Maddy, he was just a oppukku chappani) in his sundara tamil and the awards themselves are exclusively for Tamil movies, why-o-why do they still cling on with the "the nominees are" accented voice over!

Consultations from teachers and librarians about checking out books from teen section for my voracious Tween reader, resulted in my trying out some books (though I could never keep up with her)! It started off with "Matched" which was a page turner but the subsequent parts were super boring. "Saraswati's way" was too much even for me to handle!

For some light listening....

Moongil thottam
Innum konja neram
(Sounds similar?)

Monday, January 28, 2013


Yesterday was one of my friend's daughter's birthday but my friend was busy with her younger one's activities that the older one got upset! Quite a familiar situation in most households including ours! In all this tug-of-war, my other child, my blog is the easily sacrifice-able!

After many attempts to watch a meteor shower, atlast hit jackpot in December with the Gemind meteor shower! Though the happiness was short lived with all the horrible events in the following days! And I thought seeing shooting stars was good luck! 

It is 200 years since the publishing of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice! With the way, A1 devours books, though she is still stuck on mystery and magic, I am sure the day is not far away when both can discuss Darcy and Elizabeth! 

Hinglish Vinglish dekha but paarkanam Tanglish Vinglish! As part of vacation homework(!), A2 had to watch  "Children of heaven"!  It indeed was wonderful movie and true to the words of her teacher, "it beautifully emphasizes on sibling relationship, sharing, goal setting + determination and (above all) cherishing the little things in life"! IMO, It was a bit too much for 4-5 yr olds but it touched & affected me and A1. The movie helps with the things I am struggling to teach my kids in the land of plenty! A1's only peeve was the subtle ending!