Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mar(s)ch madness

Some days turn out better unplanned(those days are very rare with me around!). We were headed to the museum and landed at the planetarium. Even more surprising, we were on time for the Mars quest show! Not too fascinating to a 4 year old and the big sis had 1001 questions throughout the show but best part was the news that Mars, Venus and Jupiter are visible in the night sky this month. All this happened a day before the clocks sprang forward and so got to see and wonder at the mysterious sky with all her diamonds!

The Mars show was about past(how ancient cultures saw the red planet), present(the information we have now with all those satellites) and future(the day man hopes to touch the Mars surface!). That water flowed on the planet long ago and that Carbon dioxide makes up its atmosphere now led my imaginations go wild. May be Mars was an earth like planet before and (Ma(rtia)n-made or whatever) climate changes has turned Mars into what it is today? Anyway, with no oxygen and only CO2 in the red planet, every Mars bound astronaut should take a potted plant(which will take in CO2 and give back oxygen) in addition to the oxygen tank with them when they land there! Eppadi ipdi, illey? :)

On an unrelated(to Mars) and related(to madness) note:
Already good, kind and gentle people go levels after levels of self improvement courses
Already health conscious, fit people exercise more, eat healthy etc.
Already intelligent people read more and store more in their brain
AK turned AK47!!


preethi said...

Hmmm set me thinking too...maybe there is a lesson for us earthlings! first of all, india'la emission stds strict'a enforce pannanum.veetukku rendu car irukkura inda oora vida namma oor'la dhaan pollution kodumaiyo kodumai!

Me too said...

Oh, pollution is the price India is paying for its development!!

James Pereira said...

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