Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


With cooler weather comes all kinds of fevers - viral, black friday and this year's added special, Sachin retirement fever!

Black friday craze is getting crazier by each passing year. Last year it was slightly promoted to late Thursday and this year the online version started from the start of the Thanksgiving week! Each and every year one or two items will go in my temptation list but by the time I consider and reconsider the item/time everything will pass!

Appappa! Even Sachin wouldn't have imagined this kind of a mega retirement party! Or else he would've decided to retire sooner! ;) Even after the official announcement when the last few matches were referred as his last match in Eden gardens, last match in Wankede I thought he would go around the world playing last Oval test, last Lords test etc. Wonder how his family is going to entertain him now?

Before I got the chance to recommend/suggest books to A1, she has already understood my taste in books and suggests good reads for me from her list! Though it surprised me a little I realised that I neither had access to as many books as her nor were they as many age appropriate books when I was her age. "Out of my mind" by Sharon Draper was one of them and it was moving story of a 10 year old girl with cerebral palsy. Powerful writing, real characters you can identify with woven in an emotional story! For a lighter read, I enjoyed "Eight keys" by Suzanne Lafleur,

Yaar Bharathi - A recent gem I found in youtube mine and on time for the birth anniversary of Bharathiyaar!
Like TTM mentioned in his last comment, youtube has become a video akshayapaatiram! S V Sekhar dramas are going in repeat mode. Haven't found that many Crazy Mohan dramas in there. Another latest favorite is Tamil 70s hits! Most not park-able but honey to the ears! This week I am watching Suhasini's Penn serial!