Saturday, April 02, 2016

Out of hibernation

I have been wondering how blogging went down my priority list. It is not like I don't have anything to 'polambi'fy about or reminiscence or share! Then, why? I guess, I have to blame it all on Steve Jobs! If not for his smart(y pants)phone introduction, I would've lived happily ever after with my lap/desktops! Now since everything can be done at the fingertips, nothing gets done! I turn on the phone remembering something important to do and then go awry clicking all the notifications and alerts and waste precious time and forget all about that important task(especially the replying to teacher's emails!)!

Don't know why I am still scared of the quicksand social networking sites when all around everywhere everyone is happily splashing in them! This same comment hungry blogger who blogged week after week, month after month to get reactions & comments from unknown blogger friends is wary to post anything on fb, twitter knowing comments could pour. When orkut shut down, I thought fb, twitter and the like would follow suit but inspite of the cropping up of new, new social networking sites like instagram, tumblr, davara etc., the front runners are showing no signs of slowing down!

Talking of front runners, interesting election circus going on now and this time around, with a super funny analysis from the "Daily show with Trevor Noah" team. I was not fortunate enough to know about the daily show when Jon Stewart was around and I love Trevor's show with his outsider point of view. The whole TDS team is so hilarious especially nammooru paiyan, Hasan Minhaj! Please don't take too many breaks guys!

A sample with both of the hosts...