Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ennamo yedho...

Manam oru kurangu.... literally translating, Mind is a monkey!

After roasting 3 hot, hotter, hottest months of summer (same dialogue every summer!), karichu kotti'-fying the weather when atlast (tropical storm)Mr. Lee broke the sun's stong hold and brought in some drizzle, suddenly the gloomy-cloudy weather and approaching fall and winter weather gave me the shudders! Soon I can start complaining about the cool, cold, icy weather!

When cooking for guests I am always jittery about the amount! It's in my genes to cook exactly for n numbers for n number of guests! Unusually my hand became 'dharalam', a couple of guests canceled out and there was quite an amount of left overs during a recent get-together and eating the same for next few meals was no fun! I am going back to my n-n ratio!

After complaining endlessly about kollywood's obsession with running around the trees, unrealistic dishoom dishoom, other commercial ingredients etc., now when realistic movies are taking over, I'm hopelessly digging for chick flicks! Now you know the "ennamo edho" title link! Idhukkaga dhaan indha post-ey! ;)