Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Last Saturday was one of my friend's birthday and I meant to send her a wish all weekend, only I never got around to it. On Monday morning I was greeted by a thank you msg from that very same friend on facebook and I was wondering if I sent her the wish after all or does facebook even read my mind?! After probing my facebook page, I realised when I accepted a greeting card from another friend a while back, that greetings app(or whatever!) had got stuck to my page and sends cards on my behalf!! Phew!!

Youtube is my best friend now! Any old, new, in-the-middle song, show or any audio/video of the past, present or future I just go scratch the youtube genie and lo! Recently I found a song so divine that I picked up courage to hit the 'like' button! The next day all our hotmail inboxes had extra junk mails! I was like "How?"(like Varun(Nagesh Kukunoor) says with a stress on the "H" in Hyderabad blues!)!

My latest research... Extroverts have twitter accounts and post one liners all thro' the day. Introverts have blogs and write paragraphs after paragraphs! You ask what about people who tweet as well as blog? I am working on that for my PhD!


Me said...

I remember several birthdays...but I don't remember them on that day..:(

i agree with your research and good luck on your phd!

preethi said...

Once when my sil clicked youtube on our computer, enga history kaatnadhu illama(atleast that part was ok), suggestions vera(romba kodumai)!!!
Dheergamana conclusions :) all the best for ur Phd!

Me too said...

Me, all these unnecessary dates my mind will remember but A1's project submission due date, driver's license expiry date all these my mind choice-le vittudum!

Preethi, OMG! Adhigaprasangi websites!

Anonymous said...

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