Thursday, September 05, 2013

Caught in the (inter)net!

Earth life "may have come from Mars" - Ada, didn't I have a similar thought process sometime back?!! The mystery of life on earth is getting mysterious by the day, year, decade, century! For a change, while churning youtube, the recommendations spit out some interesting videos. So, loosely tying the knots, the pushpaka vimanas must've transported people onto earth! My earthling theory is getting super exciting, illey? ;-)

Fiat - premier padmini black and yellow taxis will be off the roads of Mumbai because of a government ban of vehicles older than 20 years-aamey! It kindled(got to use ipad, kindle etc. appappo nowadays) some old memories and took me down memory lane. For the 80s Madras-wasis, an occational auto trip was a luxury! In the then Bombay, autos were only allowed from Chembur and beyond. So, a taxi ride was sure from Dadar railway station after a long distance train ride(double damaka)! I used to envy those lucky kids who came to school in taxi after missing the school bus! But the most attoozhyam by parent folks were to take a taxi after buying vegetables at wholesale vegetable market!

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