Monday, July 29, 2013

Recycle tragedy!


TTM said...

Hopefully, there are many happy stories among the 30-40 magazines(2008 and later) I recycled last week. Oh wait, one of them is standing under the computer table wheel as an anti-tilt measure :(

Me too said...

Give yourself a big pat in the back for doing 2 out of the 3 Rs - Recycling and Reusing! Can catch up with the last R - Reducing soon!

ttm said...

been part of for 4 years.

Got all routine toys(cars/truck) for toddler from there. So I never hesitated to buy big ticket educational toys after that. I love that there is always someone wanting to pick up if my microwave/vacuum/couch goes bad.

Me too said...

I am green with envy!! Super collar raising deed!!

Thrilled with staples'
"recycle old binders for new" this back to school season!!