Thursday, October 27, 2011

Latest favourite melodies

1. (Telugu) Sri Rama Rajyam - Jagadananda

After a long, long time, Ilayaraja & SPB combination! If not for the millenium addition, Shreya Goshal, the song would've been like the IR's golden 80s!! Lovely, lovely song!

2. (Malayalam) Mizhirendilum - Aalilathaliyumai

This Jayachandran gem from the youtube treasure box! Trying my best to learn the tongue twister lyrics! For kannazhagi Kavya(who features in the movie picturisation), I need to do a separate post!

3. (Hindi) Tashan - Falak tak

Aaahh... forgotten how wonderful a singer Udit Narayan is since listening to his tamil songs! Paarka dhaan sagikaley!!

4. (Tamil) Ko - Ennamo Yedho

Still stuck on this song in Tamil.

Any other new/old (listenable) songs out there?


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