Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Tis' the season

It was sweetober October! The month started off with a birthday followed by festivals, Navarathri & Deepavali and ended with Halloween! I am not the one to say 'no' to sweets but after devouring all the goodies, handling the guilt part is what I don't like! One plus with October Deepavali is it is still warmer and the fireworks more enjoyable!

One day in a year our household and 'on time' go hand in hand is when the clocks go back for the winter! Or so until last year! Now the kids are adjusting to time changes faster than me! Many a time I have 'polambi-fied' about the day lights saving practice. But if at all the country decides to stop this practice please do not follow Russia's example and stay in summer time foerever! I have come to like the clock change in fall for that one extra hour and I prefer slightly brighter mornings!

P.S. - Even after few days of the time change, not all clocks are adjusted in our house and so everytime I look at the clocks with the wrong time, I get this "OMG" feeling.


TTM said...

After attending 197 bday dinners, 253 wedding day dinners, 304(*) 1st bday dinners from Jan to Oct, even looking at Diwali sweets in Nov became a nightmarish experience.

So much so, I once went to a potluck taking cookies for dessert saying 'since you all must be fed up of cake/sweets like me'. I guess they all thought I was a sadist or psycho.

*304 days from Jan 1 to Oct 31.

Junior asleep by 9pm since last week brings tears of joy. Daylight saving vazhga.

Me too said...

ttm, knowing you and your fingertip statistics, I have to but believe you really attended those many dinners!!
"Junior asleep by 9pm since last week brings tears of joy" - ensoy while it lasts!! :)

ttm said...

Remember this movie?

Saw it on DD in 1991.Still searching for it. Best children's film for that year and had the dialogue 'Shoeflower has 5 petals, color of it is red'.

ttm said...

Link again:

Me too said...

Never heard of this movie! Sounds so interesting(wonder if this is Aamir's inspiration to "Taare zameen par"!)!

Nouveaute said...


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