Monday, March 21, 2011

Peri(ya)gee Moon

This past weekend's full moon was the special perigee moon The weather unusually cooperative with temperatures in the 70s, the kids enjoying their stay-up-late allowance and oohing & aahing at the yellowish moon rising in the horizon, A2 thinking it was the sun rising again and A1 wondering if it was a comet, it was quite an interesting night. All said and done, I still think, the rising moon seen at the Marina beach in Chennai appears even bigger and more beautiful especially with bgm by Mr.Waves.

P.S. - Boasting about all the technological and other developments in this 21st century, why-o-why do we still have to follow this 19th century practice of "daylights savings"? Can't the clocks be adjusted a half hour instead of going back and forth? Any petitions going around to change this system?


Me said...

I had plans to take photos of the moon...but moon varathukku minna ootla guests vandhaach...and when I got to see the moon seemed normal...:(

Me too said...

Didn't seem bigger to me too! May be I should check next pournami day!