Friday, February 25, 2011

Marriage, children etc.

Inspite of good reviews and friend's recommendation, I started BBB(Band baaja baaraat) with a lot of skepticism what with a disaster like "Tees Maar Khan" and this from my not-so-favorite production house! But it turned out a nice, light hearted, jolly-good timepass movie that I'm always looking for these days! The leads did a great job but somehow I would've liked an even better cast!

Talking of Shaadi(mubarak), in the past few India trips, the kids got to experience the big fat Indian style weddings and A1 especially loves to dress up in traditional pavadai, kaNN mai, flowers etc. She especially loves the oonjal(swing) that she is ready to sacrifice her early morning sleep to be there bright and early, sitting & squeezing the bride! This time Sangeet and Nalangu got added to her favourites. She was curious to know how our Sangeet and Nalangu were and when I answered that we didn't have either in our wedding, pat came her reply, "your wedding mustn't have been fun then, Amma!"

When A1 was a toddler, she often used to say "When I big and you small, I will do this to you". It would include the good ones(like pushing her in the supermarket cart) and bad ones(when I scold her). This kind of thought process in a child surprised me at that time and I even thought it was quite unique! Now A2 says the exact same thing! Sometimes it even includes, "when I big and you are in my tummy..."(So as not to make her feel bad, we tell A2 when she looks at the pictures of me, hubby and A1 prior to her birth and asks where she is, that she was in my tummy then)!

P.S. - As much as it is fun to meet so many long lost friends and relatives at marriages, it is also a sad reminder of the people who are missed including the ones who have passed on, who prefer to remain in hiding, who wants to cut all ties with family etc.!! Sigh!


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