Thursday, January 27, 2011


Inception - What an imagination! Though in another couple or so viewings I hope I will get the concepts of the movie. I wonder if and how the director managed to make the artists understand his script or did they just sign on the dotted line knowing Mr. Nolan! DiCaprio reminded me of Ajit(adikka varadeenga!) If only Ajit went the DiCaprio way to pick & do movies! Arthur(Joseph Gordon-Levitt) looked so familiar but just couldn't place him until I read his profile. Though Aththan kept saying "Aamir maadhiri irukkaana!"

Imagination - In A1's early years, I could not understand why imaginitive play was made such a deal for children here. In school, they again feed & grow their imagination skills in their reading and writing. I guess, this kind of letting them go wild with their imaginative mind results in extra ordinary novels & movies. Me too trying soooo hard to be atleast an aadha, iththunoondu Rowling but mmmhmm.. !!

Celebration - After a decade, got to plan India trip around Deepavali time combining a family wedding. Kids who had only seen July 4th fireworks and some sparklers here, were astounded to see changu chakrams, flower pots and numerous other varieties that they can hold and light themselves. We flew on the Deepavali day from C - C and the view of the fire crack(er)ling sky was an awesome sight!

Disruption - Snow has been wrecking havoc and following us everywhere this winter. We got stranded during the unexpected snow in London and just when we got home and got settled, it snowed in Atlanta bringing the city to a standstill!! We moved south just to escape from this snowy weather and now it chases us all around. I wonder if we had extended our stay in India if it might've snowed there too!!


Me said...

naanum oru deebavaliku india polam nu dhaan yosikaren...paapom

..ennoda india trip got delayed..and then it got extended ..

Me too said...

Me, plan your India trip around Deebavali when Hobbes is 3+. Delayed bad but extended good!!