Friday, February 23, 2007

FM - Hindi

Pyar hua chupke se - 1942 A Love Story

Pyar hua ikrar hua - Shree 420

Pyar kiya nahin jata - Woh 7 Din

Pyar karne wale - Hero

Pyar diwana - Kati Patang

Pyar mein kabhi kabhi - Chalte Chalte


Syam said...

ek gow mey ek kissan raghu thatha...enaku therinja hindi la paatu ellam nalla irukunu sonnen :-)

I said...


koushik said...

pyaar-la start panraa maathiri 1008 songs irukkum nenaikkaren..... many weeks ezhuthalaam :-)

ttm said...

me too,
any idea if Kati Patang is worth renting? :)

Raju said...

Cant agree more with Koushik. "Pyar hua chupke se" is my fav among ur the songs in ur list.. Superb rendition by Kavitha. Those times, I liked it more than 'Ek ladki..'. It is amazing to think that a contemporary of MSV could come up with such an album at a time when MSV's successor, Ilayaraja, was slowly fading away and ARR was beginning to rule.

Deepa said...

TTM, kati patang is good. Go for it. (you dont know where I live;-) ) But seriously, you gotta watch it for Rajesh Khanna.

ttm said...

Some interesting tangents spawned by Raju's posts...

It's wont be fair to say IR was fading away in '92 - the man produced 54 albums that year that included roaring hits like Sembaruthi, Chinnakounder, thevarmagan, Nadodi Thenral, Singaravelan, Meera, Senthamilpaatu. That he was given 40 movies in 1993 proves his stock had not dwindled after ARR's entry. If we look the stats for 1993, we will get another crop of 5-6 megahits(Ejaman, Kalaignan, Valli, Marupadiyum, Walter vetrivel, Ponnumani), 2-3 megahits for 1994. 1995 can truly be the year that IR started to slide, with 1996 his worst year.

Unfair on RDB to be compared with the IR of 92 as it was the latter's peak :) A more equitable comparison would be IR's 23rd year, viz 1999 where he had no hit! Although he had Azhagi, Ramana, Ivan, Bharati post-99 which were more than RDB could manage post-92. That's not surprising as a composer with classical base(IR/MSV) has a greater longevity than one who makes an instant impact with trendy/poppish style(RDB/ARR)

A logical way of comparising 2 composers/batsmen/bowlers of different eras would be to look at how long their peak windows existed:

1978-82(The 'blow-away' MSV era)
1985-86(Mohan era)
1989-93(The pre-symphony-motivated era)

1970-75(Unquestioned king)
76-78(Still good, but Kalyanji-Anandji grabbed Amitabh films)
80-85(slid, lot of junks)
86-90(all Hindi music was dying)
1942ALS was what Hfm needed to revive and we missed from RDB in 80s..
deepa, thanks, will see though i dislike rajesh khanna ;)

Harish said...

Seems Valentine's day got postponed by a week. sema songs yaar...

Me too said...

syam, LOL! Namitha kitte Hindi tuition yerpaadu seiyalaama?!!

i, 'Kuruthi Punal'-a irundhappovellaam kaaNa poiduveenga, 'Mumbai express'-nna vodaney vandhuduveengale!

kc, welcome back! Pudhu Kaushik avathar-le yaarunne theriyale modhalley!

ttm, I second Deepa! Even though it is years since I watched it, a good feeling seems to be associated with the movie. Even if you don't come to like it, $1 dhaane!

raju, '1942' was a huge craze among us friends when it came out. RDB's maru avathaar was a total surprise!

deepa, you a Rajesh Khanna fan?

harish, thanks and welcome! Holding onto V day hang-over!

Awatts said...

First song that comes to my mind is "pyar kiya tho darna kya" awesome song - olden gold...

kuttichuvaru said...

yeah.... tat name change was involuntary.... wen I moved to blogger beta, it kinda robbed me of my name :-) naanum somberithanamaa apdiye vittutten!!

Raju said...

TTM, I agree with you that 1992 was among the best years of IR.. no doubt about it.. but 1942 ALS was released in 1994.. In that year, IR's music was a near-total disappointment.. I cant remember a single hit from that year.. thats why I said so.

From many of my posts, you might realize that I was a die-hard fan of IR.. and I was happy that my fav hero, Kamal, was a staunch IR supporter/friend as well.. Just b4 the summer of 1992, I was wondering how and if IR can come up again with albums like 'Chinnakounder', 'Vannavanna Pookkal', 'Mannan', etc. all of which were relesed on the same day (Pongal 1992). To my pleasant surprise, came the Tamil new year 1992 with movies like 'Chembaruthi', 'Singaravelan', and others, which was such a pleasant surprise for me.. It was unfortunate that ARR's entry nearly marked the slide of IR..