Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Ages and stages

That that age, that that likes and dislikes!! How?? Recently my parents suggested I watch this series "Kalangalil avan vasanthan". I must've listened to those songs mentioned there a thousand times over in my younger days. B/W, TMS, old songs were a turn off in those days! Those same songs made a different effect this time and I'm digging for more now! 

In the good old DD only days, I used to be glued to the TV even watching 'vayalum vazhvum' but not the news. I couldn't even stand the few minutes of 'seidhi surrukkam'! That was then! Now I'm bugging the kids turning to NPR on the car, checking bbc news, twitter news, google news... eppdi irundha naan! 

Karma is real, beleive me! I am begging my teen to watch my favorite Kamal movies with me and she acts the way I did to my mom's Sivaji movies! Age is catching up at the tastebuds level too. After years of abusing the system with sugars, norukku theenis & stuff, the lowly upma seems heavenly now!


Me said...

I started listening to NPR about 15 years ago and that is my only news source. I love old movies/songs so no change in that. I am clueless about the new ones.

Twitter ?! What's your handle ;)

My favorite instant food is MTR Rava upma :)

Me too said...
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Me too said...

Me, you are an ‘adhisaya Piravi’! Yes, I self priomotef myself from blogger to twitter. @ap_arv

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