Wednesday, July 29, 2015


The Unplanners won't have a plan for themselves, won't follow plans made for them by others and on top of all this would look down upon planners!! Pongada!!


Me said...

yaaru da adhu enga aadhaka va annoy panradhu?

Me too said...

periya list anuparen... auto anuppu!

Me said...

Haha...oru auto podhadhu pol irukkay

ttm said...

me too,
good to see you post new things after the Big Milestone!!

As for MY blog, it is so much easier to write in one's 20s - age when the mind is actually trying to grasp something serious but while writing, exposes its casual and less serious side. A decade later, the mind has become more casual, liberal and accepting, free of any sort of political correctness or need to please, but when it comes to putting it on a public sphere, simply shuts down. Perhaps it is a fear of Google, the all-knowing policeman?!?

If I get to write something, will drop a link here.

preethi said...

I love to plan. Though God always has other plans ;) But i get really annoyed when i see/hear about meal plans for a vacation. Its nice to plan and take your pressure cooker, but sitting and planning dishes, side dishes,approm adhukku oru side dish...kodumai.

Me too said...

me, neenga oru auto anupina 100 auto anupina madiri-nnu nenachen! ;-)

ttm, after your pullariching previous comment, orey the enthu-thaan!

preethi, my meal plans during vacation will be which restaurant to eat and when! ;-) I was amazed to hear a friend say that she cooked poori in the carribean (carried oil, chapathi aatta etc. in the plane!)!