Friday, February 10, 2006

Friday Melody - 'Kaadhal'

Kaadhal oviyum - Alaigal oivadhillai

Kaadhal kavidhaigal - Gopura Vaasalile

Kaadhal vaaniley - Raasaiya

Kaadhal mattum - Kadhal konden

Kaadhal rojave - Roja

Kaadhal vandhaal - Iyarkai


Raju said...

Well, expected this from last week's post.. The list is awesome.. esp. the last-but-one song... one of my all-time favorites..

As you would have probably realized, it is impossible to list all all of them, but what I had imagined, are these, as additions:

Kaadhal vaanoli - Album. A very good song, with nice lyrics. Probably didnt get famous since the movie flopped.

Kaadhal - Kaadhal.. yeah, the 'theme music of kaadhal'.. a lovely melody.

Kaadhalin deepam ondru - Thambikku endha vooru.

Vijay Ramamurthi said...

so many songs on kadhal..
v day specialaaaa :)

mitr_bayarea said...

V-day goes my contribution to Kaadhal songs-

1. Kaadhal Kasakkudhaiya from movie Aan Paavam

2. Kaadhal solvathu from Badri

3.Kaadhal enbatha kaamam enbadha from Gemini

4.Kaadhal vennila from Vanathaippole

5.Kaadhal sadugudu song from Alaipayudhe

ithu pothuma ille innum songs venuma?

The Talkative Man said...

I assume you are an Ilayaraja fan, visit this page to get a list of 1000 great songs of Raja(first link)

You can download most of the songs from

Bala (Karthik) said...

No song from Kaadhal???

Yours Truly said...

Me thot it has to be "Kaadhal" this week :)

Kaadhal vaaniley - first thing that comes to my mind is Roja with mittaai color dress and very bad make-up :( Idhukku badhila funny romance "kaadhal vandhiruchu aasaiyil oadi vandhen" include paNNi irukkalaam.
Micham ellaam superb songs. Especially Kaadhal kavidhaigaL and Kaadhal rojave - superb nos.
And the peppy romantic kaadhal sadugudu from Alaipayuthey, u forgot??

One more song that crosses my mind is "kaadhal kadidham varaindhaen unakku"

Me too said...

Raju, yes, I consider 'Roja' the best album of ARR till date and nobody cannot but love 'Kadhal rojave'! I liked the songs of 'Album' too. Somehow didn't remember it then.

Vijay, yes! Ensoy!

Mitr, wow! You are in terrific form!!

The talkative man, welcome and thanks! Like I've said in my profile, I like melody and since I grew up listening mostly IR's, it features more here. BTW, your link took me to!! :(

Bala(K), varudhu, varudhu!!

YT, atlast guessed it right, huh? I somehow thought the 'Kadhal vaniley' was the song with Vijay and one of Vijayakumar's daughters! Anyway, forget the visuals! Oops, kadhal sadugudu and kadhal kadidham vittu pocha!!!

NaiKutti said...

am too late to see this post but right on time :-)... the songs, needless to mention, are too good... the last song has awesome lyrics too :-) and the first one is so melodious...