Friday, August 10, 2007

Vegetable Puff

I am (like I've already said in all cycle gaps!) a sweet lover. Any time of day or night I can have them. But the U S of A, with its abundant sweet treats, has even made me crave for some salty/spicy snacks from time to time! Unlike in India, where you can stop by a 'kaiyendhi bhavan' or bakery and have those pakodas or samosas or kara bun or puff, there are not much choices in the light snack variety other than a pizza slice or bread stick here. Then, one of my friend surprised me with those home-made vegetable puffs one day. Ever since, I try to stock up on those frozen puff pastry sheets ready to make these easy savory treat for those lazy afternoons or to trick guests to make them believe that I am a super cook! ;)


Frozen puff pastry sheet - 1

1/2 an onion, diced

Mixed vegetables

(diced potatoes, beans, carrots, peas) - 1 cup

garam masala - a pinch

chilly powder - as per taste

salt - as per taste

1. Make a vegetable masala sauteing the diced onions in a little oil and adding chilly powder, garam masala, salt and mixed vegetables (I used regular potato masala).

2. Thaw the puff pastry sheets.

3. Preheat oven to 350 F(or 400 F)

4. Cut it into rectangles, fill with vegetable masala, close and seal the sides. Poke the pastry sheets with a fork[Alton Brown's(one of my favourite cooks from food network) advice!]

5. Place it in ungreased cookie sheet and bake for 30 mins(or 20 mins)

P.S1. : me - in hiding, this is not going to be a Friday feature. It just happens to be a Friday today!!

P.S2. - I've been looking for 'kara' bun recipe for a long time. Anyone knows of a recipe or a link, please let me know. Any other such savoury recipes(no frying) that you know of can be shared too.


Munimma said...

yum. Haven't cooked all of last month. I am actually missing it, not to mention, dreaming of it. one more week to wait.

I have seen hot bun recipes, where you use frozen dinner rolls, thaw them and stuff your stuffing into them. I prefer a mixed veggie stuffing rather than a plain tato one.

Another thing I have done is to use wonton wrappers or tortilla halfs as the shell.

Me said...

sooper....i'll cook this weekend... also big sweet lover...:))

I said...

smear urga on toasted bun -> kaara bun

Deepa said...

I make this often and people assume its hard to make. Recipe pottu maanattha vaangittiye!;-)

Me said...

deepa ungaloda speciality ..tea... nu solla modhey unga cooking level pathi engaluku therijidichi....

Dushti said...

By Kara bun, do you mean the masala bun, that comes with the stuffing inside?

Deepa said...

Me, ada paavi!! Naan avlo mosam illa. Maybe I should put one or two recipes for people who mistake me like you do.;-)

kuttichuvaru said...

looks like lot of work (even after reading Deepa's comment)...... maybe I shld jus leave it at lookin at the pics n drooling :P

The Talkative Man said...

Will definitely try this one for the next movie rental, thanks!

Puffs although delicious used to cause me great anxiety due to the amount of flaky stuff getting wasted while you munch! ;)

Wistfully salivating at the thought of thenga bun... :(

Me too said...

munimma, me too like the mxd veggie stuffing. But I had a big bag of potato to be used!! Never heard of wanton wrappers before! And with tortillas, do you make samosas?

me, rendu boto pottuttu blog-a izhuthu moodittu you enjoying mysorepag in the weekend-a? Not fair!

i, it's not the same and I don't like urga!

deepa, a) pongi yezhu!! oru bonda recipe pottu me vaayai pothu!!
b) nee kandukaadhey ma! Indha me-kku idhey velaiya pochu! Ellarayum usuppi vittu ella blog-aiyum food blog-a maathi vittutu irukkan!

dushti, no. you know, like sweet bun without stuffing(guess, sugar mxd with batter and baked), this kara bun, I assume has salt & pepper & some spices may be mxd in the batter.

kc, or better let the better half learn to make it! You can be photographer!! ;)

ttm, that's true about the flaky crumbs! The whole house needs a good vaccuming after the puff weekend!! Aaah, thenga bun!!!

Munimma said...

yeah, both wonton wrappers and tortillas are for samosas.

kuttichuvaru said...

kekkarathukku nallaa thaan irukku :p

Me said...

MeToo: nan innum idha try pannala...panna approm vandhu koovaren....ok

...btw MeToo...may be u can start a theme for fridays like...indha maasam thugayal maasam...start posting thugayal recipes for a month and then kootu ....& then rasam...then curry ...appidiyae....

Deepa: modhalla neenga recipe podunga...

Kutti: kekarathuku nanna irukaradhu lam velaiku aagadhu...ozhunga cook panna aramichidu...

Me too said...

munimma, I avoid frying as much as I can b'cos re-using the oil seem to upset our system and throwing it away upsets me!

kc, I think the Mrs. is going to have my blog blocked soon for giving you such ideas!

me, enna, romba Sun TV watching-a? Ennai paravai muniamma range-kku kondu poiteenga!!

I said...

scotch and urga is the best thing ever.

Me said...

indha weekend um puff on hold...

kara bun recipe therla...may be cumin bread try pannunga ..

Raju said...

wow.. surely looks simple enuf.. Will give a try soon.. Neengalum busy pola?

Me too said...

i, I am so tempted to comment, "ennanga combination idhu, Mr. India Sridevi-Thayir vada desigan??"!

me, thanks for the wonderful link.

raju, do try. Not bijjy just lejjy!!

deepa said...

mouth watering blog!!

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