Saturday, February 28, 2009

Slum God!

When the hares of bolly, kolly and all the o'llywoods were racing for the os'car', slowly, steadily and smartly ARR has won the 'ஞானப்பழம்' (gyana pazham)!! Congrats to Madras Mozart(!!)! More than all his recent awards, its his acceptance speech with a punch(billion people in GG, in tamil at Oscar)that really was more surprising! "இவ்வளவு முத்து கூட உதிருமா இவரிடம்(Ivalavu muthu kooda odhiruma ivaridam)!!"

I like "கஷாய"(kashaaya-isn't that the opposite of masala?) movies even though I am an emotional party(you know!)! I have been keeping my fingers crossed for our ultimate gutsy கஷாய director Bala's latest கைவண்ணம்(kaivannam), 'Naan Kadavul'. Before I had kids, a couple of dozens of handkerchiefs and I was all set to watch those real movies. But now, emotionally and mentally weak, I have to muster enough strength to sit through those serious stuff. Having not been able to watch beyond 30 mins of 'Slumdog..', severe penance, I mean, preparations are needed to see kadavul, I guess!


sen said...

If you were not able to see slumdog fully,my guess is that you wont be able to watch Nan Kadavul.Anyways Best of luck :).

Me said...

..We used movers...tipped them really well and inspite of that we feel so paavam for them...idhella pichakaarangala pathi padam lam too much for us...

...UNoHu forces me to watch films like Kaadhal..which I consider as the most sogamaana padam I have seen in last 5 years...I was able to thapichify from her several times but oru dhaba pidichi okkaravechi paaka sollita...Naan Kadavul is not even her kind of I will never watch Naan Kadavul..

..slumdog i guess i am better than you...:))

Me said...

off topic, Metoo i sent you an email...time kidaikumbodhu neengalo illa unga athaano konjam answer pannunga pls....

ttm said...

any comments about the snow? :)

seshasai said...


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Me too said...

sen, I need all the luck to get the 'yedhaiyum thaangum rough & tough idhayam'!

me, every 'me' has to have a UNoHu!! Veetukku veedu vaasappadi!
Your mail will be forwarded to the concerned authority!! Under the table edhavadhu thallinna, I can see to it that you get a fast reply! ;)

ttm, You passing by this area, asusual? Adhaan snow in March-a? For this dusting, school closures vera!!

seshasai, welcome and thanks for your comments.

ttm said...

I forgot that you might've spent considerable time in boston :)

Didnt 'pass by' in '08...kashta pattu found slots only in December to utilize award tickets, but better half took ill last moment and had to postpone.

Me too said...

Appadiya vish(esh)yam! Congrats ttm(aapley)!!! 'Tis the season of all singles becoming aadha, I guess! ;)

ttm said...

thanks me2:) it's been a year and more.

hoping to start writing this summer on a new series - The 80s, a month by month tour.

Me too said...

Oh, then belated happy anniversary wishes!! Now I know why you went AWOL!! ;)

Wow, 80s, huh? Looking forward to your second innings!

ttm said...

me2, 'ayya amma ammamma' is available on google videos for viewing in 4 parts.

Ditto is my state, only difference is that the expression has changed to "US ecanamey! US ecanamey!"

Deepa said...

TTM, I hear ya. You are not alone.:-)
MT, I hate Bala and his movies. One soga movie is fine but repeatedly making I-want-people-to-go-into-depression kind of movies, makes me feel like he is messed up in the head. Pithamagan was the more Bala for me.

Me too said...

ttm, ennave, podalanga ecanamey!! ;)

deepa, like Visu baaNi, C Sekar baaNi, Shankar baaNi, Perarasu baaNi, it is Bala baaNi!