Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Deepening, darkening Grrreen!!

The economic slowdown, the green shift etc. are making the once termed 'cheap Indian mentality' not cheap anymore! 

Bringing your own bags to stores are welcomed and I see people sporting these store logo-ed green bags everywhere!(oh, I miss being the odd jolna pai!)

I was surprised to see the following printed on Target's plastic bag
10 Ways to Reuse Your Target Bag
1. Tiny Trash Can Liner 
2. Doggy Duty 
3. Water Balloon 
4. Road Trip Rubbish 
5. Soggy Laundry 
6. Ice Pack 
7. Toiletry Tote 
8. Kitty Litter Liner 
9. Tomorrow’s Lunch Bag
10. Care Package Padding
(aaha, appadi vaanga vazhikku!!)

Even my kindergartener has caught up with the Reuse-Recycle-Reduce mantra but her ishtyle is always the unexpected! She doesn't let me throw anything in the bin now(even the flimsy store bakery boxes). After the use of her favourite tools: scissors, glue, colors (Cut & Paste & Decorate) it becomes a "gift for Amma"!! 

Whether I (get to) use or not, I love to clip all those coupons that I find and add to my handbag clutter. But compared to her, I don't know if I will even qualify to be Kadhalikka Neramillai Sachchu style, raanikku saamaram veesum chedi!!! 

It is nice that all newsletters are sent(or atleast have the option) in e-mail saving paper. But isn't  it just light green since electricity is used to power those computers?

People, please stop giving those free T-shirts for anything and everything! Most of them are of gigantic sizes and others have outdated logos(how to wear a T-shirt with prints Digital 1999 or Black Friday 2006!)

Hubby's office celebrated a belated Earth Day recently (on a day he was off!). A few days back he proudly brought back his green kit containing a couple of green re-usable bags(with grocery on the other hand in a store plastic bag!!), a green tips sheet and other pamphlets in logoed plastic bag! One of the green tip was about carrying your own mug to the coffee shop & reduce trash! Everytime we had to get doggy bag/food to go from the restaurant, my hands would itch to get a container of my own but never got the courage(what if aththaan declares, "That's it! No more eating out")! Anyway, like the jolna pai, I'm sure the day is not far away when everyone will come to restaurants with their adukku tiffin box! 


Me said... are not sending yakshinis and reading my mind right...or are you??

First Kaapi post...ippo this post...I was discussing about the adukku tiffin carrier in my break room couple of days back..

I got a spring break 2004 t shirt from a cc company...I still wear it!

preethi said...

Thanks for dropping by 'Me too'. i started this coupon clipping only recently, and got a Pathmark advantage card. And was able to save considerably, looking at the weekly mailers. :) Oru dollar save panninalum, gives u a sense of satisfaction.

Me too said...

me, I know what you do/did/are doing this summer, last summer and the year before...! Haa..haa...haaa...(evil laughter!)
I don't mind wearing those 2006/1999 T-shirts but for the comments(blog-ley varamaatengudhu!)

preethi, yep! It was elation once when I used a 75c coupon and applied a triple coupon on top and almost got the item for free! :)

ttm said...

appreciate your single-minded commitment to these issues.

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Me said...

khara bun recipe

TTM said...

Buniyaad title song

Me too said...

ttm, busy digging out gems from the internet? What about your summer release?

me, thanks for your "vidaa muyarchi"!! I relished khara bun in my recent khara bun land trip!

ttm said...

me2, it's true that much water has flowed down Suwanee dam since i last wrote. But, as u say, better late than never!

Me too said...

ttm, true to your 'punai peyar' orey talk the talk dhaan!! Mr. Passing cloud ivalavu pakkama vandhittu oru knock pannamey poyiteengala?

ttm said...

nope that was just manner of speech. I havent been to ATL yet in 2 yrs.
BTW, DLed and watched all episodes of FLopshow within 2 evenings this week :)

Me too said...

Wow! But I somehow prefer watching online than DLing. As you know, I'm not much into pic quality!!

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