Friday, July 30, 2010


Lately, my choices in frozen treat flavours have been disasters(Most of it because of your going overboard being the sneaky chef says hubby)!! With summer temperatures dangerously threatening to hit the 3 digits almost every day this entire season, I am having to give in to the kids' scream for ice cream. And when it comes close to being a daily affair, the health freak in me kicks in!

Frozen yogurt, though doesn't sound as yummilicious as ice cream, at Ikea stores, Sweet tomatoes and Ben & Jerry's have been such a huge success that I was overjoyed to find Yogen Fruz newly opened at the mall food court. Absolutely proud of myself for sneaking frozen yogurt instead of ice cream to my little ones, (I took them the round about way so they wouldn't spot and stop at Dairy queen) ordered 2 vanilla and 1 mint choco chip at Yogen Fruz. One lick and for the first time felt the sourness of yogurt. May be a fruity flavour would've been a better choice. The kids finished all the M&M toppings and donated the rest to me!!

Initially, tubs & buckets of ice cream made me go berserk! After struggling to finish the tubs a couple of times(thankfully I didn't go near the buckets!), realised that the pint sized ones suited our household better. It didn't stay too long in the freezer and it allowed us to try different flavours too.

To compensate for the disaster at the Mall, I went to get Mayfield's Birthday Cake(everyone's favourite) ice cream from the grocery store. Since that flavour was not available I found myself forced to make a choice. After much deliberation, picked the Rocky road(thought for the marshmallows sake A1 would forgive me for choosing an ice cream with nuts) But yet again I found the hard way that I have many more rocky (road) days ahead!


Me said...

I have been to sweet tomatoes few times...I don't remember seeing frozen yogurt...

We get cinnamon buns & frozen yogurt from Ikea and this time when my mom was here she got confused and asked for cinnamon ice cream from Ikea...:)

Me too said...

Me, definitely check out the frozen yogurt in Sweet Tomatoes(We all especially like the "getting it ourself" from the (cone) ice cream machine!)
Cinnamon ice cream sounds good too!! My mom told me that at a recent wedding, carrot halwa & vanilla ice cream combo was served!

Anonymous said...

I've forgotten how summer feels like. California this year requires a sweater after 6 in the evening :(


Me too said...

ttm, you in the right place at the right time! Here only sweat-ing after 6 in the evening!

Anonymous said...

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