Saturday, May 14, 2011

Simbly Grand!

Better late than never with my (b)elated wishes to the newly weds! Last week of April was wedding waaram with reel prince Urumiraj, I mean Prithviraj having a hush-hush wedding and the real Prince William having a world wide wedding! With Wedding pictures/videos of celebrities becoming so accessible these days on the internet, it is as if we attended those events personally! Looks like Prince William's role model is his thatha, the grand duke of Edinburgh. From matching matching outfits at the Wedding(not fair that only the bride's gown is talked about) to his decision to not wear a wedding ring. Eppidiyo, nalla irunga pa! And taking about Supri(thvi)yaraj, I was smitten by kanninimaNeele from Anwar recently which made me dig up some old Malayalam movies of Prithviraj. IMO, he has made better choices in Tamil movies! "Pinakkamo" was a visual treat but the movie was a disappointment. "Kaana kannil" and "Picha vecha" have made it to my playlist but true malayalam song fans are appalled at the state of it now!


Raju said...

Yes.. I agree with you about the costume of the grooms of the wedding, but Prithvi's beard made him look scary and villainous, IMHO.
He has been simbly acting in any mallu movie when he gets a chance. Probably the mallu directors dont take too long to complete a movie, unlike their tamil counterparts.

ttm said...

huh..i am yet to see one of the 2 DVDs for *my* wedding reception! The fact that I was taking pills daily to withstand the summer heat/dehydration of that crazy one week meant I just wanted everything to be done away with..need to check out the DVD again. And also since the videographer was too creative putting a bunch of 70s/80s songs for the background music, need to pause video to figure out which song/which film, etc...too much work :)

Me too said...

Raju, "He has been simbly acting in any mallu movie when he gets a chance" - if and when there is gap left by the M&M's!!

ttm, "i am yet to see one of the 2 DVDs for *my* wedding reception!" - OMG! Send me your wedding DVD. I can take up the song/film identification project!