Tuesday, July 19, 2011


- to find that you share many things in common with the person you dislike!

- that any junk left on the kitchen counter would disappear in seconds while anything remotely healthy will be left to rot!

- that no plans/schedules/routines ever work as per plan/schedule/routine during vacations!

- that compromise and not 'getting even', is the only way forward in life!!


Me said...

idhu maadhri oru post edhirpaakala!

I will write a post on your #2

Me too said...

Awaiting your post on #2!!

Ally said...

ur last point is sadly the most true statement.

Me too said...

Ally, thanks for your comments!

ttm said...

#3 will work - put curfew on TV/DVD/Laptop/iPxxxxxx. Things will turn out as planned :)

Me too said...

Iya, deivamey!

Raju said...

#1. As someone kept telling me often, dont dislike anything. U will have to do exactly the same thing.
#2. Iteratively, no junk in kitchen!
#3. Isnt it how a vacation supposed to be? ;)
#4. Sadly true.

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Me too said...

Raju, #2 - nadakara kadhaiya?
#3 - seri dhaan!