Friday, April 21, 2006

FM - SRK spl.

My 'piriyamana thozhan'(philospher and _Guide!) celebrates and shares his birthday with his idol, Sachin Tendulkar on Monday. So, here comes a Friday melody specially for him of his other idol, SRK(In your name, I'm listing some of my favourites even though I belong to the rival group!).

Yuhi chala - Swades

Kal ho na ho - Kal Ho Na Ho

Ey ajnabi - Dil Se

Chaand taare - Yes Boss

Ay kaash ke hum - Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa

And lastly,

Boomiku - Dishyum

for tomorrow is Earth day! This song is one of my favourites among the new releases. I've been wondering how to list this song as there aren't many boomi songs and thanks to my hubby for reminding about Earth day tomorrow!!!


Su said...

Speaking of Dishyum songs, there is a small write up on Nejankooti in my blog.

Looks like you have a nice tamizh inspired blog. Will check it out more thoroughly soon :)

kuttichuvaru said...

all the SRK numbers are awesome ones!! there a quite a lot more though :-)

Dishoom - havnt heard this b4.... will chk out.... nenjaankootil is my fav so far!!

ttm said...

I(AAT) ungalai mannipaaraaga.

Jayakanthan too on 24th and his stories are available as PDF on for link)

Balaji said...

'boomiku' is a very different romantic song. the singers and the lyrics lend a different touch to what would've been just another duet. that song has really grown on me :)

Me too said...

Paranoia, welcome and do check back!

Kuttichuvaru, I'm saving 'nenjankootil' for another FM!

ttm, (I)avare marandhalum neenga nyabaga paduthividuveenga polarke! :)
Thanks for the pointer. Have never read Jayakanthan b4!

Balaji, exactly! I'm dying to see the movie!

I said...

Nambinar Keduvadhillai.

And u know, tomorrow is also Lenin's birthday. It's not coincidence that the most cruel barbarians and anti-industrialization activists(posing as environmentalists) celebrate the same day. Earth Day is almost as stupid as "Independence Day" or Valentine's Day.

Anyway, Tendulkar and Shah Rukh Khan are both outrageously over-rated and are more popular than they deserve to be.

And ofcourse, vadamozhi thinithal.

Prasanna said...

Loved the songs in "Kal ho na ho". It was a refreshing album at the time of its release and all the songs were gud. "Chaand Taare" was adorable , more for its picturisation. Dil Se too was a gr8 album and probably one of the best soundtracks in hindi cinema.

NaiKutti said...

cool picks... one of the first songs of SRK (i listened) was from baazigar and liked it so much :-)... and like many others, i haven't listed to boomiku song either!!... the sattelite channels keep flashing only the nenjakootil and dilemma song repeatedly...

Me too said...

I, about SRK(& to an extent 10dul), I totally agree!!

Prasanna, yes, all the 3 movies you've mentioned have some really wonderful songs.

Karthik, for a long time I didn't understand the Dilemma song. I was wondering what is this Dalai Lamo!!!

ttm said...

the maayi comedy video clip(Maayannan-Mokkachamy-Minnal) is here

Has to be me said...

Hey nice songs!
BTW, u've just been tagged by me! :)

Me too said...

ttm, thanks. Nice find! Will watch a comedy clip a day!!

has to be me, thanks. 'Maattikittena'!!

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