Friday, June 09, 2006

Friday Melody - SPB Spl.!!

ILakkanam - Nizhal Nijamagiradhu

En kanmani - ChittuKuruvi

Uchchi - Rosapoo Ravikaikaari

Raagangal - Thillu Mullu

Idhu kuzhandhai - Oru Thalai Ragam

Paruvame - Nenjathai Killadhey

Nee dhaane - Ninaivellam Nithya

Thamarai Kodi - Anandha Kummi

Kaadhalin - Thambikku Endha Ooru

Enna saththam - Punnagai Mannan

Manram vandha - Mouna Ragam

Mannil indha - Keladi Kanmani

Muthu mani - Chinna Kounder

Semboove - Siralchaalai

Mettu podu - Duet

Omkara - Shankarabharanam

Belated 60th birthday wishes to the multi-talented and the ever humble, Mr. SPB!


Me said...

listu perusa iruku...60 songs podalaya....;)

Raju said...

Wow.. that is the longest list in ur FMs so far.. great selection..

One notable absentee in both urs and Balaji's lists was 'Maanoothu mandhaiyile' from Kizhakku seemaiyile.. I couldnt recognize who the singer was, until the announcer mentioned his name.. He was unbelivable.. Many wishes to him..

Jinguchakka said...

Dude! last week a friend of mine deleted 2000 tamizh songs from my laptop by mistake!! And here I read abt good songs. Aaarggh...
Anyway SPB is king. Sometimes I wonder why he is not given many chances these days.

mitr_bayarea said...


Wow, sama list of my favorite singer's songs. Its just too bad that a man with such a voice like SPB is not given enough chances these days due to the onset of all young newcomers. SPB's passion for bringing life to any kind of song is what makes this man stand out from other singers. His duets with S.Janaki with Illayaraja's compositions are unforgettable. May he live long to stand as the beacon for today's young singers.

Bala (Karthik) said...

I will fast until you add
1) Ilamai idho idho
2) Valayosai
to the list!

All Hail Alwarpet Almighty, the face which gave expression to SPB's golden voice

ttm said...

Impossible to put a criticism-free selection of songs from the voice which is the envy of all men :)

Valaiyosai has been given pride of place in BBC Sampath's special portrait of SPB.

Speaking for myself, I always prefer the SPB-MSV(his drink buddy!) combo, even though Balu, like Vivian Richards, has performed at his usual best even for the not-so-famous composers. Who can forget gems like Samsaram enbadhu veenai for Vijayabhaskar or Romba naalaaga for Sankar Ganesh? Thats for tamil alone, his kannada songs for Rajan-Nagendra deserve a book in itself.

3 greatest SPB songs? Romba naalaga, Kanaa kaanum kangal, Raagangal 16 in that order.

Me too said...

me, 60 enna, 600 kooda podalaam dhaan, time constraint!!

Raju, 'longest' for quite a few reasons! I concentrated mainly on the older ones(even duet I added hastily at the end). "Manoothu" song is amazing!

JC, 'Internet irukka bayamen'! Everyone has to retire someday, isn't it? When done gracefully, all the more better, IMO!

Mitr, yes, the 'best kanna best' combo! SPB climbs greater heights by letting the youngsters take over gradually and gracefully!

B(K), 'valayosai', I agree! 'Ilamai idho idho' under melody?

ttm, thanks for the BBC link. 'unakenna mele nindraai'- aah, what a miss! You know, there is one SPB song that I hate!! 'Anbulla Appa' from some Sivaji, Nadhiya movie!!

Bala (Karthik) said...

I yam veri saary [insert a very sheepish and stupid grin icon here]...
"Friday Melody" la melody-ngara varthaya marandhutten! :)

Prasanna said...

what a singer he is. My favorite one. At the age of 60, his voice remains so young. One cld just hear his voice and he wld never even guess that the guys is 60. Hats off to u. And btw, that was an awesome list.All songs were classic ones of SPB

ttm said...

me too,
For past 3+ yrs I'm searching for a good song 'Ammankoil therazhagu' from Sontham 16 but without luck.

For what it's worth, a portion of the Riverdale temple was inagurated with an SPB concert on 7/26/03.

Me said...

TTM pesama neenga pera "stats guru" nu maathikalam.....ramana padathula vara captain maadhri all stats finger tips la vechi irukeenga... 7/26/03.... deivamey....:)

Me too said...

B(K), I don't blame you. Annathe-SPB combo-kku oru thani spl. odhukkanam!

Prasanna, thanks.

ttm, that 'sondham 16' song used to come on Radio so often in those days!

me, idhukke vaaya polandha eppadi? 2003 is very recent. Info. about events that happened in the last 5 decades is in ttm's pocket!

ttm said...

I have sad memories of that inaguration - Had it happened a week later, I would have become one of the few guys(besides his troupe) to attend SPB concerts in 2 different continents within 20 days :-(

Requested the song on Balu yahoogroup and got it..SPB rasigargala-a kokka? :)

raju said...

1)idhu oru ponmaalaip pozhudhu...
2)madai thiranthu...
1)keladi kanmani paadagan sangathi...(puthu puthu arthangal)

sen said...

This is a never ending list....
No link for thamarai kodi??.Let me know if you want the mp3 for that.

கோவை ரவீ said...

Good List. Great Job All the best

Zero said...

Neat list of great songs!
And thanks for reminding me of "En Kanmani" from ChittuKuruvi. I was sort of addicted to the song a couple of months ago.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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