Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sssss.... list!

This tag had almost skipped my mind!!

Sweet - My favourite! Anytime!!

Smile - From Monalisa's sikkana smile to kutti papas' generous pokkai vaai smile, a charmer!

Serenity - Tranquility, peace! Especially like the abbreviated version of this Prayer

Serendipity - The pleasant surprise the 'discovery by accident'(most of our Actresses are so, they say!)brings!!

Silence - It's golden!

A true aadha, I stop here. Hope snehidi, has to be me, wouldn't mind it!!


Prasanna said...

that was a nice list. 'Surfing' was one which came to my mind thinking of the letter 'S'.Thats one thing we guys always do right?

The Talkative Man said...

I prefer the Cheshire Cat grin to the mona lisa smile.
Actress = calamity, not serendipity

kuttichuvaru said...

nice list!! irunthaalum unga post-la ungalukke neenga link kuduthukkarathu konjam over!! ithukku munnadi intha velai Puratchi Kalaignar Gabtan website-la thaan paarthen

Me too said...

Prasanna, yes, 'browsing, browsing'-nnu solli, surfing vittu pochu!

ttm, Yebba! Idhaan Cheshire cat grinna!! :()
I should've added Actresses (sometimes) serendipity!! Especially, Revathi! I always wonder 'Hhow'(like Nagesh Kukunoor says in 'Hyderabad blues')did Bharathiraja find the actress in her!!

KC, link click panni yaarunnu paatheengala!! Gaptunna yellarukkum theriyudhu, aadha theriyudha? Anyway, oru drishti-kku dhaan!!

Has to be me said...

Thats a nice, sweet n short list. Glad that u did it!

Few other words that came 2 my mind -

Super - (in Rajini style!)

Has to be me said...

Forgot to mention....sweets r my all time favorite too! :)

tt_giant said...

Seeing a tag post after a looong time..

LOLed at your explanation to KC!

Anonymous said...

Cheshire cat grin is here

But there is no laugh like the Mutley laugh, complete with proper sound effect!