Monday, March 05, 2007


First it was email, then yahoo groups/blog and now orkut. Whether or not it is useful/interesting, one has to have an account in these nowadays. Otherwise you are outdated! Atleast it was 'all are welcome'(so far!) in the former cases and so anybody could create an account, forward, post or let it expire. Orkut is only for the privileged! Only by invitation!

Anyway, I got invited too and joined the group! Initially, I felt odd in the orkut community as it seemed like a 'chinna pasanga' community. Then, I shed my inhibitions and barged in! It was getting to be a friends & family affair adding friends, friend's friends, siblings, cousins, cousins' cousins as 'friends' and rating them as 'good', 'bad' and 'ugly'. Email-ey adikka mudiyadhavanga kooda apappa scrapping!

Then 'the orkooters' boasted about finding long lost friends in the community. Aah, how can I miss out on that! So, once again plunged into the orkut ocean only to realise how with common South Indian names one can get lost in orkut like getting lost in Kumba Mela! The search spits 1000s of results. Even if you know whether the friend uses her maiden name or married surname, the search result comes down to 100s. Tottally pissed off with the numerous page scrollings, I tried school, college, office communities. Again, numerous results. Every community has 100s of members. Most of the members are of recently passed/joined, freshers category! So, once again, came to the same old conclusion - orkut is 'chinna pasanga' community. So, I am going to orquit!


I said...

orkut le meet panni kalyanam ellam nadakudhu. theriyumo? all kali kalam..

ttm said...

ejjatly. Orkut is full of newbies who still scrap each other instead of talking over phone. As for the long-last friends, I have used google to do the needful. And found that most of the folks you hung out with 12-15 years ago have changed totally!

The best peer group for anyone remains the ppl he meets everyday, face-to-face. That still holds.

kuttichuvaru said...

u really hav to spend some time on orkut to start finding all the ppl..... simply put, enna maathiri vettiyaa irukkanum :p

avvlo seekiram quit ellam pannidatheenga..... be a part of the kumba mela!!

SKM said...

LOL!MeToo!good luck with your quitting.adhu periya thlai valinu therinju I have never accepted any escaped.

aama!adhenna chinna pasanga community? ungalukku yenna 60 vayasa?aluthukadheenga.have fun.:D

Syam said...

//ungalukku yenna 60 vayasa?aluthukadheenga.have fun//

ithey thaan naanum ketka vandhen..SKM ketuteenga :-)

I said...

and can I add u as friend..

Me too said...

i, kadalai poduradhu varaikkum dhaan theriyum. Kalyanam varaikkum pogudha? Besh besh!!

ttm, "And found that most of the folks you hung out with 12-15 years ago have changed totally!" - true! And the renewal doesn't continue for long too! I've also realised that good friends keep in touch no matter what!

kc, appo, unga kitte sub-contracting pannidaren! I'll give support from outside!!

skm & syam, ungala maadhiri endrum 16-a irukka mudiyaliye!! Ange ulle poi paarunga appa theriyum!!

i, if you can find me!

ttm said...

me too/i,
Idhula enna dhamashu-na Jothika, Trisha, Sneha photo-va profile pic-a vechavangulukku yegapatta can-i-add-u scraps!!

mitr_bayarea said...


am visiting ur blog after a long time and couldn't agree more with u on the orkut community. I have received lots of invites from friends who think I should join, but, I guess, with a gmail accnt (i just got one recently), blog etc. ithuve plentiful.

Thank you for providing me more insight on orkut.

Syam said...


yes yes naan kooda shakira photo vechu iruken :-)

SKM said...

LOL!@your comment.Lollu too much.Pavam unga wifepa.yeppdidhan samalikirangalo?

I said...

shakira or shakila, edho onnu..

i could not find u, me too.

Deepa said...

MT, of late "polambals" jasthi aayiducchey yaen?;-)
Orkut enakku sour grapes maari. Havent created an account yet.

Padmapriya said...

Hey Aparna., Try to spend some time there, u wud love it. if not Orkut try with Mingle Box :)


Me too said...

ttm, ada kadavule!!

mitr, welcome back! Don't just take my word! I'm ancient!

syam, 9 & N-lerndhu katchi maariteengala!

skm, I wonder about her nelamai too!

i, yay! I win!

deepa, a. didn't know what else to label it under.
b. polambals get more comments!
c. adhaan nadu naduvule paattu podarene

padmapriya, welcome and thanks for the comments.

tt_giant said...

I do have an orkut footprint, but am not a great fan. it reeks of less privacy; false assumption of socialization and plain laziness.

but i did find few of my long last friends, but soon after that also realized why I did NOT continue my contact with them!

give me blogs anyday to read! thats quite enuf!

Ramya harish said...

I got introduced to blogging n bloggers in recent times only.. but i am an x-orkootian..i got fed up n deleted my account after thousandas of scraps.. plenty of friends..n wat not.. it was taking too much of time of my time as we used to thavify from one profile to other like a monkey.. finally end up losing urself.,. i did find a lot of my old friends and friends friends... still blogging s more fun..

tt_giant orkut does provide a lot of security these days.. u can lock ur scrapbook , photos, videos n make it visible to ur friends alone.. so mor ppl r pooling in..

Ramya harish said...

thappu thappu.. adhu onnum 'chinna pasanga' commnunity illa.. there are communuties in orkut where experienced IT professionals share their knowledge..and well known musicians share their views on ragas n stuff..if life s too slow and boring for someone, he can be a orkutian n waste his time simply reading abt others..