Tuesday, March 20, 2007


IIT (Mumbai) to limit Internet access! - Ada paavame!!
Ever since we switched from dial-up to high-speed internet, computer has been my all in all(friend, newspaper, TV, telephone...). The only thing I am still not comfortable is reading novels online.

My inbox showed new mails in double digits one day last week! I hurriedly opened to see who the mails were from and boy, was it a surprise! All Spam comments!!! Only consolation was that atleast none were the usual 'gumbaloda govinda' forwarded messages!! Now I wonder whether to remove anonymous commenting option or to add word verification(any suggestions?). Yerkanave comments-kku lottery! Idhule, idhu veraya? mocked my mind. During my early blogging days, one of my friend commented(offline!) how blogging is all about getting comments. I retorted then like a cinema Actor about how I would go on blogging(Kalai chevai!) even if no one comments on my posts! But like how they say "aadina kaalum, paadina vaayum..." now add comments vaangina blog-um!

My bulk mails are overflowing with mails wanting to make me rich lately. "Final notice for you collect your lottery money" screams some and many from the African continent are waiting to transfer their brimming bank balance to mine!! Ada pongada!!


Raju said...

After having chosen word verification, made a mockery of it in a post and after removing it, me too receiving lotsa spams.. since none of them is for the new posts (those in the main page), I have decided to not bother about it.. Already my wordpress friends are complaining about being unable to comment.. idhuley word verification or moderation vacha avlodhan.. ennoda strict comments policy-yale i will be writing only one post a month..

Syam said...

email id vandha puthusula spam vandhaa kooda happy...aaga namakum oru email nu...ippo its like 2500 emails in my bulk email...athula sent date Jan-02-2038 nu date vera... :-)

Syam said...

//aadina kaalum, paadina vaayum..." now add comments vaangina blog-um!//

LOL :-)

kuttichuvaru said...

oho.... Africa-lernthu ungalukkum mail anupparaangalaa?? cha.... naane motha panamum adichidalaam-nnu paarthene :p

ippovum onnum kettu pogala.... 60-40 agreement pottukkalaam :-)

Deepa said...

LOL @ aadina kaalum anaology. I think you are right.:-)

Me said...

Comments on a post is not related to the quality of posts but on number of blogs you have commented on...

I started blogging just for fun. I never cared about hits, links, page rank, ad's and all that stuff. In fact I have turned down search engines from indexing my blog but I am sucker for comments. I expect at least 5 comments/post, double digits makes me happy.

In order to get more comments on my blog I had to comment more. It seems simple but reading long and stupid posts is tough. So I decided not to expect more comments.

These days I comment on 12 blogs regularly which guarantees at least a little more than 5 comments and I make sure by replying to those comments I bring up the total to double digits...;)

P.S: I like your Friday Melodies but I rarely comment on those. Oru oru Friday vum nice list nu solla mudiyaadhu la...so ellathukum sethu ippo sollidren....:)

SKM said...

Oh!yellorukkum idhu varudha?idhu pathadhunu from my gmail all these spam mails got generated and sent to everyone on my mail list.So i had to stop mailing from that account.This is a big headache.

probably we may get used to this trouble.

Nice to know about your policy and logic.LOL!

Me too said...

raju, like you've said, the spam comments don't seem to affect the latest posts. Adhanaale naanum freeya vitudalamaannu thinking!

syam, unga blog-le adikkara double/triple century comments padikka enakku oru long weekend dhaan venum!!

kc, enakku dhaan lottery prize irukke! Africa (Karuppu) Panam full-a ungalukku dhaan!! (Aahaa, enne en perunthanmai!)

deepa, danks!!

me, firstly, I am flattered by the length of your comment(mini blog post size comment-a!)!
"Comments on a post is not related to the quality of posts but on number of blogs you have commented on..." Yes! SKM bashaiyile 'Appadi kudutha ippadi varum'!
I thought you gave up on FMs cos' they were in Tamil! Big Danks!!

skm, indha spam-a ozhikkave mudiyadhu polarkku!

ttm said...

LOL@syam! When I opened my first email acct in '97, I was thrilled to be considered for a $313 discount from a spammer. I was seriously thinking of writing to them, asking for a cheque instead!

I too had spam problem - word verification helps. Even a serious anony won't mind it.

Dushti said...

Good luck with your kalai chevai ;-)

I said...

IITs need to be nuked.

Me said...

..no i never gave up...i listen to the FM's & i like them....

Me too said...

ttm, "serious anony won't mind" - but lazy bloggers will, isn't it? I prefer the former but for you!

dushti, I need it. Thanks!

i, oh, they in your hit list too?

me, danks, ba!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Me Too,
Me just a blog reader. I frequent your blog often for your casually humorous style of writing. LOL at this post.


Me too said...

Sujatha, your comments made my day! Thanks! Start to blog and join the fun!

Anil P said...

Word verification is akin to that famous 'Indians and Dogs not allowed', and by the way who knows, maybe one of those lotteries is for real, else it'll make for a good story to actually write to them and find out what happens next :)

Me too said...

anil, welcome and thanks for your comments!
"Word verification is akin to that famous 'Indians and Dogs not allowed'" - LOL!