Monday, November 09, 2009

Ada, Raamaa!!!

Good - Healthy diet containing fruits, vegetables
Bad - Junk foods
Ugly - Pesticide/hormone added produce/dairy

Good - Bathing/Showering preferably everyday
Bad - Not bathing/showering

Good - Natural breeze through open windows
Bad - Artificial air conditioning


Me said...


1. we don't eat junk food & it doesn't mean we eat healthy food...need to include more fruits...

2. oho...innimel shower headaa kazhatuvittutu pumpset la kulikaradha nenachikavendiyadhu dhan!

3. we keep doors & windows open....but summer time la... which is almost mukkal year here... it is very tough to keep it open for longer thing that we miss here(here as in US apartments...compared to India) is windows in kitchen....

Me too said...

"need to include more fruits..." - organic-a, conventional-a is the question!

"pumpset la kulikaradha nenachikavendiyadhu dhan" - next there will be research about how many microbes are there in our pipes!!

In summer & winter, it is too hot/cold to keep windows open. Spring & fall are allergy seasons. Aaga motham, windows shut almost all year round!

Me said...

i read somewhere that in some neighborhoods..people grow organic stuff and exchange their produce with others who have some other produce...or they share fruits which are seasonal...& stuff like that...

btw i was so surprised to see shapeless...non smooth skin...home grown organic veggies...& we have changed that to predefined shapes, colors & textures...

i have organic karuvepillai chedi at my place...the leaves are so small & it smells so good compared to non-organic...mega leaves that i buy from stores & it doesn't smell anything

reg allergies...i had severe allergies last spring...horrible..fall la I keep windows & doors open..UNoHu is so surprised

Me too said...

Wow! Good old barter system! My problem with organic produce is they spoil very fast(like natural produces should!)and so cannot stock.
Don't even talk about karuveppillai/kothumalli. They don't serve the purpose and are such high maintenance!! A visit to/visitors from Houston, is the time I enjoy karuveppillai/karuvepillai podi.

ttm said...

after years of recommending...i'm now a regular chewer at sweet tomatoes. shocking thing is that the desis I drag there simply pick on it just to keep me company...its only the non-desi who gives good company when eating there.

To buy/google/cram:
Foods that harm, Foods that heal
Walter Willet/Eat drink and be merry
Oral Health Bible/Pat Bonner

Me too said...

ttm, you won't believe, I was browsing this month's menu at when I saw your comment! One restaurant which gets approved unopposed by the whole family now is ST though the major excitement is cos' the desserts!!

Wow! 2/3 books you've suggested are available at our county library! I'll check them out!!

ttm said...

Could be the first 2, OHB/Bonner is rare to get. I got it from Link Plus and borrowed it through I.L.L.

Other good books:
Gillian McKeith-You are what you eat[This is more of a weight-loss book but has good tips for identifying the problem from the symptom, read for tips alone]

Earl Mindell's Vitamin Bible
The China Study/Pollan(?)
Gum Disease/Sandra Senzon
Ramiel Nagel also has a good book on dental health.

Beyond a certain threshold, the utility of a book goes down as you might already know 60% of the content.

Me too said...

Whoa, whoa... ttm! Overwhelming!!

I used to religiously watch "You are what you eat" on BBC last year(It's kind of feel good show for me, in the sense, it will make me feel "I am not that bad"!)
The OHB is available at our local library but I am not in any hurry to borrow it! I am scared to death of anything dental!

ttm said...

any idea about which company's vitamin supplements are reliable?

The truth about vitamins supplements is consuming them is one thing - whether they are absorbed into the body is another! Most of the vitamin supplements produced by companies, esp the Buy-1-Get-1 kind, rarely get absorbed.

For instance, to increase one's intake of Iron, it's not enough to consume spinach in buckets : the body needs Vit C to absorb Iron and one actually needs to eat generous doses of Vit C(maybe Oranges?) along with Spinach to absorb iron. Knowing the sources without knowing the combinations is pointless. That's why in the treatment of many auto-immune ailments, the medicine that works for Patient A doesnt work for Patient B since really, no two patients are alike.

Biophotonic Scanner tests have actually exposed the spurious vitamin supplement companies : patients consuming Vit pills of some popular companies showed little increase in AntiOxidant scores so tests like these are actually used to test the effectiveness of Vit-manufacturing companies.

Me too said...

After reading this , I happily gave up the one-a-day torture!
Iron & Vit C partnership, huh? Now I understand mandarin orange spinach salad!! I'm realising how our recipes & combinations balances the taste and digestion part(curry leaves, ginger etc.)
I also recently read how eating too many of those vitamins/minerals fortfied foods can lead to a overdose.

ttm said...

Grab it

Dushti said...

I am back I am back...
And this time for real :D

Me too said...

Thanks, ttm! With all these, I am definitely getting promoted from 'health nut' to 'nut case' by the near and dear ones!

Dushti, Out of hibernation atlast, huh!! Welcome back, welcome back!

ttm said...

me2, I was labelled that too till the medical test results came out and promoted me from Super Nut to super advisor :)

Me too said...

ttm, Super-o-super!!