Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Saaka? Beka?

As long as in the parent's nest, didn't give much thought to the plate of food, infact favourite food most of the time, that awaited me every meal time! The realization hit only in one's own nest! Most Indian dishes, though delicious, involves tedious work. I can't think of many dishes that are easy to make. Even the basic dal & roti or rice & rasam/curd(in this hemisphere, a degree more or less in the warmth of the milk will result in climate change(d) antartica's melting glaciers like yogurt and not the katti thangam, I mean, the getti thayir that one expects!) involves medium level work! But the worst is that even hard work doesn't guarantee rewarding results. Another proof of this!

So, instead of becoming a beku by slogging with the "kai vidaa" stirring / "ennai kopparai" styles of cooking with average(and below) success rates, I took to the fantastic "fill it, shut it, forget it" baking! With wonderful food recipe sites and amazing food bloggers simplifying & healthy-fying recipes that are easy & rewarding, neither I have to give saaku-pokku to avoid making yummy dishes nor the victims have to give saaku-pokku to avoid my experiments!

So, here are some of my experiments from the www!!

No-bake chocolate & peanut butter cookies - One of my relatives had sent this and I loved it! The recipe is so easy and simple too! Only, the next time I am going to make it as bars instead of cookies.

PB Granola - I love granola bars! With a little chocolate chips, nuts etc. it is better than Snickers! (As you would've guessed, I have got to finish this jar of chunky peanut butter sitting in my pantry!)

Banana bars - Feeding A1 healthy foods is getting challenging every passing day, month, year! She is tired of all the banana breads and muffins. So, I found this recipe. Don't know how long its going to take for her get tired of this too!
As per many commentators in the recipe site, it is too sweet and I cut down on sugar & butter. I haven't tried it with the icing too. Still very yummy either for breakfast or just a snack.

Coconut bun - I used to love these thenga buns. Thanks to the food blogger for posting this recipe. It came out delicious. Only problem was that some liquid from the buns oozed out in the baking process. But that might be because I must've really stuffed the buns!

Nippattu - Seri, seri, atleast one savory dish since its winter!! This came out well only it became a bit soft the next day.


Me said...

kalakals me are the most avid desi baker i know online/offline...

...daily cooking is like a stress buster for us...& i dont feel that kinda satisfaction when i bake...but one day i will learn to bake! you know kesari is not as exciting as quesadilla and thenga burfi might not be good as a brownie!!

Laavanya said...

Me too - am so glad to hear that you tried & liked the coconut bun recipe. I overstuffed my buns too and had the same problem but the oozing solidified once it cooled a bit :)

Dushti said...

Me Too, kalakitta ...they look awesome :-)

Somehow my bake experiences haven't been very good. Rendu vaati try pannein - both times sodapified :-(

Me too said...

me, thanks!
It's combination of necessity(A1 won't even touch a kozhukattai or a poli!), convenience(with clingy kids) and interest(I guess, I've always loved baked goods, be it McRenett cake or Iyengar bakery bun).
Your time will come soon!!

Laavanya, thanks for your comments! Thanks again for sharing this recipe.

Dushti, thanks! 'Try, try and try again'