Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Even if 'millions' and 'kodis' are getting seepattu-fying in all of the available media in today's world, everyone's "if only I had a million dollars/oru kodi rupees" is a big dream. For a Math project, when A1 had to pretend to spend a million dollars, I didn't think it would be too hard. But with parents like us, poor thing, she was buying $10 tops, $20 bags and stuff. Even after buying a house, a car, TV, iPad, kindle and other basic necessities(!) she was struggling to spend the entire amount! Guess, dreams may be hard to handle in reality!

A very good friend of mine has this bad habit, punctuality! She is always on time or before time everywhere! When she was carrying her second child, I consoled myself, once the baby arrives, then she will become like me. But now that the baby is born, even now she is on time or before time. Enna manushanga pa

In this brammanda Universe, are we just an accidental speck of dust or are we the unique special living creature?


TTM said...

The credit for that should go to the baby. Not to your friend :)

Me too said...

appadi podu aruvaley!! ;)