Friday, November 02, 2012


Choice, such an adorable, favourite word! Be it in exams(especially), in menu, in clothes, in transportation. Though in those good old days, choices ranged from synthetic or pattu for Deepavali, Science or Commerce group in +1, Masala dosai or channa batura, cinema or beach, bus or train, Ilayaraja/SPB or others, Kamal or Rajni. In most cases, with some clear favourites the choice was always easy. Life was too! Nowadays, in the name of choice comes so much confusion. True, variety is the spice of life but which variety of spice to choose is the question!

When I have some time in my hands, I spend or rather waste time wondering which genre books to pick, which blogs to browse, what cuisine to try or what type/language music to listen to. Especially the Indian music industry has grown tremendously in the last decade with so many talented singers, music directors that it has been hard to have any one particular favourite. But for now, Karthik's out of the world voice is my choice!

Kaatril eeram


Nee korinal

Ennodu vaa vaa


Behne de

Mokka manusha
(not a melody but chumma for fun! The credit shows Karthik, is it really him or someone else?) ;)


Me said...

For me it is only masal dosai one point UNoHu said she will not talk to me..if I order masal dosai again

Me too said...

me, so your dilemma is masal dosai or UNoHu-va? Very tough choice!!

preethi said...

Same pinch..Karthick has been a long time fav of mine too :)