Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bye 13, Hello 14!

New research! Tirupathi trip, child birth and disney world during Christmas have a lot in common. Humongous pre and post planning, wait in queue/labour and the 3 seconds bliss moment - getting Venkatachalapathy darshan, looking and holding your baby for the first time and seeing the lighted Magic kingdom castle with your kids' faces all lit up respectively!

People who are guilty about not having done enough workout during the year should make a trip to Orlando, FL. The whole year's worth of workout can be done in a few days! Even my toe nails were aching after a couple of days of theme park walking! How much ever I try and avoid not to get sucked in to the Disney mania, summa solla koodathu, the ticket is worth just for Mission space and Soaring in Epcot! Like the Princess in Arabian tales Thousand and one nights, we leave some theme parks every trip to explore for next time thereby not closing the account with Disney.

Theme park tickets - $$$$
Hotel/food - $$$
Wear summer clothes in winter - Priceless!!


ttm said...

Hotel - Marriott Rewards Credit Card 50K pts on first purchase
Flights - Continental and United mergdk giving 100K pts to me. 2012 vacation to Ohio was free flight+stay for a family of 4. But lightning only strikes once :(

Aama, warm weather in December is priceless :)

Me too said...

ttm, Wow! You hit the jackpot!

ttm said...

Ivanga :)

Me too said...

Atthaan is a serious & senior fatwallet-ter too! ;)

Anonymous said...