Thursday, February 13, 2014

Kids broken-hearted over school's Valentine's Day candy ban

Orey the outrage(grown-ups more than kids!) over the decision to ban candy this valentine's day at a school in Connecticut! With left over candies from Halloween still lying around and the prospect of more sweet stuff coming home during Easter looming threateningly, this would be a welcome relief if everyone followed suit. And who cares for warnings like this - Cancer 'tidal wave' on horizon, warns WHO

Seri, namakku edhukku vambu! Lets enjoy this 'out of this world' video! 


ttm said...

Candy for UPS/USPS/Fedex people is a good way to go. But for Atlanta's summer, a can of Coke could be the bare minimum!

Is it true that none dares to ask for Pepsi at an Atlanta restaurant?

BTW, in another year, this(aadha) blog will turn full circle :)

Me said...

What do you do with halloween candy? Seriously...I have so much that I don't know what to do with it.

Me too said...

ttm, don't know(didn't care!) much about the ATL-Coke paasa mazhai! Left over party sodas will be generously donated to lawn mowers, plumbers and the like.(I even donated the souvenir coke bottles much to the horror of Atthan!). Aadha getting closer to poora... parava illaye!!

me, these days the kids sort out the candy into wanted and unwanted pile. The unwanted pile will be donated or trashed!