Thursday, April 09, 2015

Andrum Indrum

If you grew up in Chennai in the 80s-90s, 'Indru oru thagaval' would have been part of your daily routine. That simple faceless(at that time and is that the horriblest translation of "Mugam theriya"?) person with his simple humour and powerful messages day in and day out! Sharing this youtube gem, as usual!

Recently watched the trailer of Maniratnam's 'OK Kanmani'. Maniratnam trying an indha kalathu "Mauna raagam"? Even Nithya Menon seemed to resemble Revathi, ille? Anyway, that reminded me to watch this Revathi and Prithviraj malayalam movie, "Molly aunty rocks". Revathi Chechi still rocks!


Anonymous said...

Commander Selvam arrested. Finally :)

Me too said...

Oh, ya, atlast!!