Friday, May 29, 2015

Old school girl!!

On a North Indian friend's high recommendation that I would absolutely love "2 States", I decided to overlook & tolerate its hero to watch the movie. But before that, like a periya pista paruppu, decided to read the novel. I have to admit that it was mostly hilarious if the author's digs at Chennai city, Tambrahms are overlooked! Nice quick read and a timepass book but nothing spectacular that I had expected from India's best seller! After reading couple more of his books, realised he is like the junk food that is popular and everybody's favorite these days! That's so clever of him to write his autobiography in installments!

Next bulb was at the hands of "Tanu weds Manu (again!??)"! Enjoyed Kangana's hangam-ous performance and nice songs and what was the point of the sequel? Oh, just a time pass movie? Oh, ok!  Poor, old Madhavan!

Do you hear the younger generation singing to me,

vayasukku mele ulagathil ulla nallathu pidikkathu
amma nallathu pidikkathu 
vayasu pillaigal pudhusa perusa vaazhvathu porukkathu
amma vaazhvathu porukkathu 

Seri, aththa vudunga, iththa kelunga....


Me said...

These days I find it really hard to relate to many things that are a hit in India. Music, movies, clothing...well everything. I have become old :(

preethi said...

Timepass definitely. There are more enjoyable movies in tamil, thanks to all the 'nalaya iyakkunars'.

Me too said...

Me, welcome to the club!!

preethi, 'naalaya iyakkunars'? Puriyaliye? If you mean movies of super talented young directors like Vettrimaran, Karthik subburaj etc., theirs are too raw / too gory for me!