Friday, September 22, 2006

FM - "Vizhi"

Vizhigalin aruginil - Azhagiya Theeye

Vizhiyil vizhundhu - Alaigal Oivadhillai

Vizhiyorathu kanavu - Rajaparvai

Vizhiyile malarndhadhu - Bhuvana Oru Kelvikuri

Vizhiye kadhai yezhudhu - Urimai Kural


Jinguchakka said...

Assorted CD record pannumbOdhu ungakitte kaetkalaam pOla irukke!

Anonymous said...

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The Talkative Man said...

vizhiyile mani vizhiyile from 100th Naal. When SPB was asking the audience for requests during a bangalore concert, Roja and Geetha were popular demands. 'Of course', the master acceded and proceeded to sing 'Jothe Elli'(vizhiyile mani vizhiyile) in company of a kannada schoolgirl.

Nooravadhu Naal is a fertile and neverending subject for idle talk after a filling dinner : Satyaraj's debut as villain ->the staircase chase -> Mohan's modus operandi -> inspiration to Auto Sankar -> Forensic expert Chandrasekaran solving the case....the movie led to a chain of intriguing and mysterious events that rocked tamilnadu.

Raju said...

Nice list as usual.. Bharathiraja-voda style-le oru kannai joom panni kaamichirundha poruthama irundhirukum.. :)

And, naan solradhukku munnadiye Steve Waugh mundhikkittar.. that was a real good song.

Has to be me said...

neat list!

Me too said...

JC, feel free! Suttukonga!

ttm, oops! Missed that one! But I used to be(still a bit!) scared of 100th Naal kind of movies. Motta Sathyaraj was terrorising!!

Raju, 'Kannu podakoodadunnu dhaan' ;)
btw, what with Steve Waugh?

htbm, thanks

Raju said...

namma TTM-dhan Steve Waugh.. I was also mentioning about 'Vizhiyile' song..